Dublin Senior Footballers 2019 - analysis, conjecture, but nothing spurious

A new topic for those interested in discussing the likely senior men’s Dublin team of 2019. Unknown knowns and known unknowns are on a different thread.

How will the backs line out now that Rory is back?

Can Dermott play cornerback?


Will be interesting to see if he is straight back in and if so at whose expense.



O’Carroll, Cooper and then AN Other depending on opposition. Murchan, Lowndes or Philly?

Think Gavin likes the pace Murchan brings but it will more likely be horses for courses while getting everyone up to scratch.

Ha, Rory O’Carroll is back. Excellent.

I think Fitzsimons Could be there ahead of both Philly and Lowdnes at least, and as has been said Murchan for the special tracking jobs.

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True, but Lowndes is handy to have as an extra half back if the opposition are pulling forwards back into defense

Where does Howard play? Midfield? Hmmn.

Costello Rock Mannion
Con Kilkenny Scully
Fenton Howard
Jack COS McCarthy
Murchan ROC McMahon

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Howard at HF. Con and Costello battle it out for a jersey?

Would much prefer to see them both play, and get into the scores. Costello particularly needs to kick-on in the championship in terms of consistent games.

No room for Gavin at midfield?

Horses for courses when it comes to corner back. I think Fitz gets the nod at 4 unless there is a very specific man marking job that either of the other 2 suit better.

Leinster Final or First Super 8 Team:
Cooper, ROC, Fitz - Murchan/Philly
Small, COS, McCaffrey
Fenton, McCarthy
Scully, Con, Howard
Mannion, Kilkenny, Rock

This is all once ROC is back to inter county level by the end of the Leinster champo.
If D. Gavin keeps his form up then one of the backs misses out and McCarthy at 5.

Costello unlucky (in my imaginary team) but I think there will be plenty of rotation right up to the AI semi final. If he shows better than Con, Mannion or even Rock in the early stages then I think he gets the nod ahead of them. Could afford to leave Scully out in the early rounds to get another out and out scorer in but when it gets to the business end Scully will be important.

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It warms the heart to see ROC named at 3.

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Leinster maybe but this year might be a year too soon. Then again he was surprisingly consistent across the league, and has an engine.

I reckon Philly will be used when necessary, but not a nailed on starter. Unfortunately, pace is the new skinny.

John Small should start most games,brings much to the table

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I didn’t even name Cooper who is a cert to start.

It warms more than just the heart.

I haven’t been this excited since I discovered dirty magazines.