Dublin Senior Footballers 2019 - analysis, conjecture, but nothing spurious

Big fan, but I hope he can stay on the pitch most games. He’s getting a bit of a rep and that can spell trouble even when no transgression exists.

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No Jonny Cooper?

I noticed that later on, our cup over floweth.

would go with


Fitzsimons Byrne Cooper

McCarthy Small McCaffrey

Fenton Gavin

Scully Con Howard

Mannion Kilkenny Rock

Hopefully ROC will break back into team. Would prefer to have Jamsie at no 5 so hopefully Darren Gavin can step up. Don’t think Costello/Rock will work in FF. Mannion offers better balance with been left footed and has the power to take on players. John Small needs to step up and improve on discipline. COS and Philly two great servants seem to be in decline but will still have a vital role to play.

I know people have mentioned Howard as the heir to the role COS plays but I’ve always believed Small will be the best option to replace Cian.

Not so sure on whether D Gavin will start in midfield, I’d personally prefer either James or Howard in there alongside Fenton.

The reality is the first 15 is gonna come from a crop of 17/18 players, but it’ll be very interesting to see who the rest of the players that make up the bench are, and who misses out altogether. Methinks Flynn isn’t the only stalwart of the last few years who won’t be in the championship 26


I can see COS been left out as well, we are expecting teams to run at us this year - not COS strength. Been struggling with niggly injuries for awhile now too, chap is a warrior.

I would love to see Cooper back at 2 full time.

Will Costello get a run from the start? Will Gavin play? Howard HB or HF? They would be biggest questions I would have.

I’d also love to see McCarthy back at RHB and going full tilt

Again, not claiming to have “the ultimate source” and never have. But Jim has his generals, his go to men. I’ll be astonished if Smally doesn’t start in the big games.

Howard will probably be wing back/midfield long terms but we need him at half forward this year and don’t have many options there especially with Flynn retired and Colm Basquel gone.

Colm Basquel gone? When?

Someone said on another thread he left panel.

Maybe Small could do that role, but I’d be surprised if COS doesn’t start the bigger games if he’s fit. He looked fine in the league.

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As Loughnane suggested, you pick players as much on what’s in them as what they can do. Jim may not go for the most skilful fifteen each time. I’d say it will change from game to game. For example, Murchan is fast but with a big FF line, Philly is in! We know our starting fifteen is technically good enough. This year will reveal if we have enough new blood, pace and a big enough panel to win the thing.

I’d have Mick Fitz, Cooper and Smally and any three others you want.

Cooper, O’Carroll and Mick Fitz for full back line.

McCarthy, Small/COS, Jack for half backs be my preference.

I’d be concerned about Cian being exposed when we are up against direct running teams…

But as said above, each game May require a shift in personal to suit

We’re spoilt for choice in the back six. Whatever the configuration, it will be tough and picked for the job, but having ROC back gives us so many more options. It frees up the corner and wing backs. Teams won’t have a chance to run at us because they’ll be too busy chasing Jamesy, Jack, Johnny and Philly. I’m aroused thinking about it.

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No Rock?


I can’t see any way Cian doesn’t start bar injury. There’s no guarantee at all come the business end that we will start with 6 traditional forwards.

I agree with this. Big games he goes for certain lads - Small and I would say Cian too (even when he’s half fit Gavin still goes to him).