Dublin Senior Footballers 2019

Yes but he’s a doctor and so self-cured.

Philly wasn’t great at all throughout the league and championship 2018.
You’d hope to think he could improve this year. Albeit his age. But his focus seems outside the game now and on all the life coaching stuff. Remains to be seen.

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Yeh, he so is fascinating girl. Like someone who’s nob I’d like see caught in a fastener! :open_mouth::dizzy_face:

He did manage to take him out with a knee in the back in the 2011 final, setting up a one on one with Cluxton, albeit a tight angle, but so close that he could have slipped it low. But the sight of Cluxton made him punch it over.

Before there’s more crying of keep to the subject, we are still discussing Rory’s attributes here! Albeit with some particular context…

Next episode, the 2015 drawn semi-final. Someone can elbow me out of the way to describe what happened there…

All of the above! Even just to get back in the team at any stage of summer. Assuming he has actually made the panel, he will play if he’s better than the alternatives during the practice matches, so it’s still to be seen. Although I agree with whoever said about “wouldn’t want to be needing him for the Leinster games”, assuming we don’t get beaten, at the same time it’s not very fair or useful to anyone to hold him back and then bring in for the “big games”. He’s either up to it or not for each and every game til our season ends.
Naturally the Super-8s format affords more opportunity to graft lads into the team without it necessarily being an all-or-nothing game.

Accepted of course it could take a few months to improve enough, so that he might not be ‘up to it’ (compared to others in his position) til later on. Like any player in the squad then, assuming he’s still in the squad, he can earn a place at any stage, the coach will play the best team available.

It’s not unlikely that it could take him long enough to get to a required level that he won’t make the team at all this year, for example. And then there’s got to be the high risk of injury given he surely hasn’t been playing and training at even close to the level of intensity he is and will be now, for three years.

Anyway I’m just hoping for the best team available to be good enough. I hope his presence in the squad will if anything push others on to that extra little bit of achievement, and if that sort of thing is what keeps a great player like Rory out then that’s good news for the team.

How do people feel about COS in that position, if John Small or anyone else turns out to be the better option at 6?
As regards Philly, I find it hard to imagine a Dublin team being successful without him playing if he’s up to it. I know we’ve been here before with various players and Gavin and the lads have always pretty much worked it out brilliantly/very effectively. But after that national league I do wonder how much we can afford him not being in the full-back line.

Considering all we know from the last 9 years (and more that he has spoken about himself) I have faith that he will play a serious role at some stage. I think though no individual can be guaranteed anything, this story somehow indelibly has Philly as a central figure. He’s one of those players we’ve all heard the tales about down the years and decades of Gaelic games, if he wants to be there he will be.

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enjoy the retirement Flynner , super player , injury’s took their toll over the years ,

Sad to see Flynner go. A warrior if ever there was one but time and injuries take their toll and Jim Gavin doesn’t do sentimentality.

Missing 3 consecutive years of ‘professional’ physical conditioning. I think that has to make a difference. Speaking from experience, its very obvious how much team mates can come on over a year or two when your absent, even if your keeping in shape.

Here’s a suggestion to Ressers.
For all Dubs players who have retired, from 2011, as they all contributed something to our current success.
Could we design a Ressers Jersey to be presented to each player as a thank you from us all?

@JJF you’re up

The lads have their medals - I’m sure they’re content enough.
Give some ressers jerseys to the Kerry players who missed out, instead.


can we not print off a book showing all the positive comments from ressers over the years since 2011 as well? with a special chapter from Bart entitled the kool aid years.


Hes back in the squad to hes starting two completely different scenarios , Firstly he comes across as a first class lad and as Flynner leaves the dressing room gets a top class replacement.
In Jim I trust I wont even consider it a risk if he takes to the field for he will have to have passed every test known to man in training , both S@C wise and practice game etc
My fear is the game has moved on since Rory has played at inter county and that will be a big readjustment

well, if he starts from the outset he will get a couple of leinster matches in and perhaps a handy first QF match or two before it ramps up.



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