Dublin Senior Footballers 2020

Time for its own thread ??

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Anyone else think regarding our forward line in Farrell’s team ,5 of them are practical undropable only place up grabs is Scully’s ?? a fit Connolly gets it ??

I’d expect Dessie to give Mc Hugh a better chance than Jim did.

Did McHugh not start every league game a couple of years ago? Or am I mixing him up with someone else?

Can understand the logic in assuming McHugh will get more game time, but I disagree with it club loyalty has no place at inter county level, it’s a clean slate and if he’s doing it on the training ground then fair play you get the opportunity on the pitch to stake a claim

I never mentioned club loyalty. I gave my opinion.

As I gave mine equally I wasn’t responding to you , it’s been mentioned in many places since Dessie got the gig that McHugh could potentially see more game time , his name has come up more often than others and i hazard a guess it’s because of club relationship

Unless Howard goes to midfield. Don’t think MDMA is a starter anymore and McCarthy is better in half back line.

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He mustn’t have been doing it in training . Or more to the point other players were .
Can’t really question to many of Jim’s management’s decisions over the last 5 years.

He certainly got a few games a couple of years ago as far as I remember, think he has settled better at senior club level now and looks more than strong enough to cope At county level now

I think there are a few interesting possibilities. It’s easy enough to predict the guys that got close last year, O Cofaigh Byrne and Buglar for example. But I can see other guys coming through because of the management change.

I think Shane Carthy will get a big chance, mainly because he deserves it. I suspect there was some element of his game didn’t work for Gavin, but it’s unlikely Farrell would have the exact same opinion.

Aaron Byrne should also get a chance. Again for the same reason. He was a logical choice previously but something in his game didn’t fit for Gavin.

McHugh maybe has a lesser chance, simply because he got opportunities before. But then again, he is maybe playing better now.

But for breakthrough players I would be looking to the last u21 winning team. O Shea, McMahon, Foley, Byrne etc (Sallier maybe).

Looks like having a great time ,well deserved.!!!

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I was so close to being there…if I didn’t drink to excess, smoke too much, chase but not catch enough women, not put enough effort in training, miss too many training sessions, not practice my skills enough, not listen to coaches who knew more than me, be too selfish during games, act the pirck too many times, not take the advice of physio’s and loads of times just be a c&@t.
It all came down to INCHES, so close so close.

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Based on his form with the under 21’s last season, surely Archer has to be included in the conversation about possible additions to the forward pack.

Is he still eligible for u20? Dessie might opt to leave him there.

Honestly can’t see him making a championship squad this year given the talent already ahead of him to simply make the squad such as McHugh, Byrne, the Basquels to mention just a few. Anyway I think he has another year at U-20 so that might be better for his development in the long run.


Suns Out Guns Out :sunglasses:FB_IMG_1577888482601

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Seen a few of their videos on instagram, they had a good time !

Some men

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Archer still under 20.

Yeah I would suspect that Dessie could leave him there another year. My thinking is that it would suit him better.