Dublin Senior Footballers 2020

Have you seen Kiko Casilla?


Why do we need to limit short kick outs? I’d much rather see a keeper quickly restart the game with a 15 yard kick out, than watch him stand there for 20 seconds shouting at lads to make a run and then just run up and kick it as far as he can.

There’s nothing bloody wrong with the game, should be a bloody ban on changing any playing rules for the next years, I’m sick of them.


Big accolade available for the Dubs in 2020 and another chance to at least match another record set by the great 1970’s Dubs team

6 All Ireland finals in a row

Although modern Dubs aiming to win all 6… ridiculous.

Only other team to reach 6 on the bounce was the Kerry 00’s team but with the help of the back door that is.


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“The look of loovve is in youur eyyss”

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In that case we better go for 7 on the bounce (at least), to rule out any false idea that they are on a par with us :grin::grin::grin:

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Saw this earlier. It’ll put a smile on your face. Pure genius.


Brilliant video but ruined by that hurler popping up. Let him get his own video …

Yes Id be all for that approach.

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Not working for me? :thinking:

Maybe they have you blocked😉

2 phones - won’t play at all!!

No idea why not. Maybe the owner has it blocked? I copy and pasted it from a FB post last night. I’ll see can I find the original and pm you it.

Cheers B :+1:

Not working for me either ,what match is it ???


I know David Clifford is only a young lad and some of stuff he is praised for is totally OTT ,but i can honestly say i have never seen a more talented footballer in any county than DC , he may be not the best outfield playet we have ever produced, but jesus a player who is worth the admission fee alone .


For me most talented Dublin footballer I’ve ever seen.


without question. the man has no equal.


Connolly is in a different class to clifford, and Connolly has done it all, maybe in time the young lad will be up there with the greats , but not now, what was the nickname we we’r callin him a few wks ago