Dublin Senior Footballers 2021

Will we be in seventh heaven? :grin::grin:

Heres to the future


Yup. In July too.

Need to drop scully . Campaign usually starts in January . Gets very quiet as the year goes on …


Yeah scully gets quite very quite like a ninja does all the damage and they don’t even know

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Most under rated player I’ve seen . Makes the whole team tick and nobody even notices. Even here


Most underrated player ever is Con.

Going for the Magnificent Seven in the 7th month. It’s a sign lads :grin::grin::grin:

Scully has been magnificent and I am delighted for him. But he hasn’t played like this all the time and may have had different roles etc. But he had a run of poor enough form for a good while so people trying to rewrite that after a magnificent season are being disingenuous at best.


100 % I’d drop him after every game …and pick him fir the very next game, involved in a high number number of our scoring moves and does so much unselfish work, long may he continue to fly under the radar.

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I’d argue Howard is more under rated

Disagree . You have to watch the game closely to see what he does . The amount of goals he involved in is quite extraordinary

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I watch games very closely and know what he does and when he does he is a vital cog and a brilliant contributor. But that wasn’t the way it was for a while.

For the night that’s in it I’ll let you off :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree.

But fair play to Niall.

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Peadar O’Cofaigh Byrne’s break through year. :thinking:

Michael flatley maybe ?


We have 70 % success rate in finals compared to Kerry 60 % , mayo only 21 %

Take one look at that table and go to the narrative that we are ruining football.

If its not us it is kerry winning

Next 10/15 years expect us to chase that Kerry total down ,we could get to 40 before they do .