Dublin Senior Hurlers 2017

Seems crazy to have a fixture list already but here goes:

Round 1

Saturday 11 February

  • Dublin v Tipperary (tbc)
  • Cork v Clare.

Sunday 12 February

  • Kilkenny v Waterford.

Round 2

Saturday 18 February

  • Cork v Dublin.

Sunday 19 February

  • Clare v Kilkenny
  • Waterford v Tipperary.

Round 3

Saturday 4 March

  • Dublin v Waterford

Sunday 5 March

  • Kilkenny v Cork
  • Tipperary v Clare

Round 4

Saturday 11 March

  • Tipperary v Kilkenny.

Sunday 12 March

  • Clare v Dublin
  • Waterford v Cork.

Round 5

Sunday 26 March

  • Clare v Waterford
  • Cork v Tipperary
  • Dublin v Kilkenny.

*provisional list

That list is wrong. Has us at home to Waterford and with more home games then away. That’s never the case bin that fixture list :smirk:


Ha. Yeah - home game v Waterford. Must be wrong.
When was the last time we had a regulation league game v Waterford in PP?

I’ve a vague recollection of one when davy fitz was in charge.

Do Dublin not always play all their games at home?

We drew with Waterford in PP the last time we played them but the year escapes me

It was 2009. We beat them by a point and Davy blamed the fact that he’d brought them to a Bernard Dunne fight the night before for them ‘losing focus’.

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Alan McCrabbe finished the highest scorer in Div1 that year with 1-50

We drew with Waterford in 2011 down in Walsh Park when we won the league so that’s where I was getting confused!

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Wow didn’t think it was that far back.
Is it 4 or 5 times in a row we have played down there now?

See cuala win ahl1:


Paul schutte played and mark scored two from play. We Could really use Paul back and Mark back in form.

Think Cuala should be split in two…

With one schutte per team?

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Lads who, if anyone, can you see breaking into the squad for 2017 and more importantly have an impact?

Bennett, Sean Tracy, Rian McBride Cian boland must be worth a run. James madden, mcgabhann as well? Lads like O’Donnell & Barrett hopefully to really kick on next year. Paul schutte is back playing. Peter Kelly as well. Both could make a big difference if fit & find form.

Yes I’d have a lot of time for macgabhann. Himself johnathan Treacy Conroy and Malone from this years 21s.

From the club scene, lads who haven’t played county yet, is Hardy from Judes worth a look? Shane Ryan from Crumlin?

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I think McGabhann needs to work on his striking. Found it hard to believe he was the freetaker from the backs this year. Good player but not there yet.
James Madden from my own club has great aggression and his hurling has improved a hell of a lot over the last few years. If he keeps up this progression he could be a starter in a couple of years. Still a bit to learn.
Thought all three of Malone, Conroy and J Treacy showed too much inconsistency at 21 this year. They’ll need to be more consistent to make an impact at Senior. Although Treacy made a spectacular save v Galway.
Hardy has had a few outings. Didn’t really shine if I remember correctly. But he has been a top club hurler for a few years now.
Haven’t seen enough of Shane Ryan.
I’d agree with Tayto re Bennett, S Treacy, McBride and Boland. All should get some good game time in the cup and possibly the league. If they impress in these games they should push for champo inclusion.
Getting P Shutte and Kelly back and on form is vital.
Once again, I think we have 3 main issues that need to be addressed.

  1. Midfield
  2. Half forward ball winners.
  3. A real and consistent goal scoring threat.
    Unfortunately I don’t know if we have them. Outside the box thinking could solve 1 and 2. But natural intercounty goalscorers are a rarity in Dublin.

duplicate post

Sean Treacy won’t be playing as he has decided to step away from the setup for a year. Young lad who has had a few busy years with us and county.
The likes of Conroy etc as mentioned would be better left develop at their own ages unless they are going to see actual game time. A lot of u21s were up with the seniors this year and got no game time.

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