Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era

Time for a new thread as suggested:


I suspect a press conference will be next with more info on backroom team

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With Gilroy now named we can look forward to the 2018 season. The release on Dublin Gaa said full management team to be announced shortly.

What are Ressers opinions on what Dublin can achieve in 2018? I personally see it as a rebuilding year with trying to get lads back on board and further develop the younger lads coming through But I get the feeling we could cause a shock or two in the league and championship.

We are gone back a long way. Would be happy with a bit of stability and with having our best players playing. Anything after that is a bonus for the first year.

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Mark Schutte was involved with Gilroy in 2011, hopefully he can coax him back from the footballers for starters

Will be surprised if it’s not Anthony Cunningham plus a dub, ex player possibly.

Was talking to a few players who left the panel recently they said they would gladly go back if called apon, won’t name any names.


That’s good enough for me @Dublinforliam

In year one, all we want to see is consistency and a happy panel of players to build on for the future.


I think the easy bit will be to get some of the players who left the panel because of GC back playing. It shouldn’t take much conversation. Mark Schutte the only one where the conversation might be a bit longer. I can’t see Gilroy going near any other established footballer to be honest. That boat has sailed

I would agree exactly with this. Looking forward to a better era.

Connolly is going to be the talking point, given that Pat is now the gaffer.

But there is a lot of low hanging fruit that can be sorted out fairly quickly that should bring immediate benefits. This is a really good year to be a Dublin hurling manager, lots of quick, easy changes there that will bring improvements. Don’t pick guys straight out of minor and don’t throw guys on in championship games that you didn’t even look at in Walsh Cup / League would be a great start.

But… I suspect county guys will be setting their alarms clocks a lot earlier in January and maybe that isn’t for everyone (which is understandable). So the transition might not be totally smooth.

I would love to see Keaney involved as I think he could be the bridge between the guys that left and those that didn’t. Although personally if I walked away, and then had Ryan O Dwyer judging me in interviews I would have an issue playing with him. But Keaney is one of the most important figures in Dublin hurling ever I think. There would have been no Daly led revival without him in my opinion.

Indo are already on it…

equally if i had keaney writing twitter posts as an ex player i might not be too impressed with him if i had chosen to stay involved… 2 sides to that story.

Keaney to me should help sort out Boden senior hurlers before becoming an intercounty selector on the basis of being an ex player…

and that in no way takes away from keaneys huge positive influence as a player under Daly


A very good club hurler . Bizarre talk

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Just hoping we emerge the 3 year period unscathed . Anything else is a bonus

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Very good club hurler with 4 training sessions all year, if he was hurling full time , he would make the grade without a doubt.

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Unsurprisingly some here already with the negativity. Anything apart from that Cork c*** in charge is a huge step forward in my view.


That’s not Gilroy’s twitter though, imposter!