Dublin Senior Hurling 2019

So what are our hopes and dreams? What can we realistically achieve? What team will achieve it for us? What young lad is going to come out of the pack and make a name for himself?

Need to give promotion a good rattle now he knows the players and they have a year hard work under their belts.

It will be hard though, to get promotion they need to finish ahead of probably the two best teams in the country. The league is strange now, 1B potentially has some better teams in it then 1A.

I would be happy enough if we do give it a rattle as you say, but if we fell short it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Getting out of the championship group in Leinster is vital though. If injuries work out, and we get the Cuala players earlier, I think we will though.


I think we can forget about the league in terms of winning it or maybe even promotion wise. It wouldnt be high on my list of priorities. As you say its all about getting out of Leinster and will be for the rest Pats reign. If he achieves that this year then that would be a fine achievement. Probably more realistic to expect it maybe the year after. We wont win the league but as long as the ‘r’ word doesnt enter the fray I think that will be enough for me.

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Just win the Liam Mc Carthy. Id be happy with that


Your too easily pleased Sneakers!


Just nogiced Duignans comments after the final whistle sunday. " Waterford now the only county without an all Ireland" Pure disregard for a side who were 2 points off in 3 championship games this yeae.

So I just hope we make all those who dont regard us sit up and take note


Sure even Offaly bate us …

Ah wipe your tears away, twas only the league…

Mattie Kenny is Waterford’s top target to replace Derek McGrath according to Newstalk this morning


Maybe a semi final of a league … Beat Offaly, Carlow, Antrim & Give Waterford and Galway a good rattle no reason why we wouldn’t beat Waterford At Home, Then Finish top 3 in the Champ and anything after that is a bonus

We simply have to beat Wexford in PP and I think we will take Galway there as well. League promotion would be a bonus.

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Until we start playing for a full 70 odd minutes we won’t be beating anyone of use and I think that should be the aim for next year as a starting base.
We were shown glimpses of the potential of the squad this year but we need to be putting it in for the whole game consistently.

If we achieve that then we can start progressing as a group.

He was always going to be snapped up by smart people. Unlikely he will just leave Cuala mid championship though.

As an aside to this, Limerick,like Clare or Waterford, were or never would be counties who Id have feared or would fear. Yet its never deemed beyond possible that theyll win all Irelands. Wexford likewise.

I hope last Sunday serves to show our players and us supporters that with hard work and aa degree of luck we could be in there contesting all Irelands


One difference Dublin suffered unlike those 4 is that hurling is primarily 2nd choice option.
I’d guess that none of wexford, waterford, clare or Limerick have lost a promising or established player in last decade to football. Dublin lose promising players… plus the odd established player to football bench
When margins are so tight (as you an see for dozen games this year), the loss of 4-6 players over a 5 year period is hard to overcome.

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Thats an excuse we hide behind. 10 years ago maybe even 5 you could argue thst case. Not now in my opinion.

If we refuse to ask a 15 year old on both development squads to choose 1 and go and excel at that 1 were failing that child. Weve enough players to pick from. You give a 14 year old average hurler the training and time a brilliant dual player gets your long term benefit will be far greater

I don’t know if that works out in practice. I think that in any age group in any county there is a cream of the crop athletically, and at the moment we siphon off 80% of the cream towards football. I think that is the reason there is no county with equal achievement in both codes.

At the moment we survive because our base number is so big that our remaining 20% of the cream is still a good number, but it’s probably not big enough yet. If we get the split to 50/50 it would just mean football is weaker and hurling stronger. We need a larger number at the foot of the pyramid to get decent numbers at the top.

But that is really away from the main point of the thread which is about what our senior hurlers can do to be successful next year.

For next year we need to strengthen the team (obviously enough!). So who can do that?

I think the defence is fairly ok, maybe more then ok. We can also bring in Gray and Conroy who had good u21 runs. Although I am not sure Conroy wouldn’t be better in the forwards.

We have the makings of a lovely midfield I think in Boland and McBride. McBride ran the last championship game against Galway and really came of age.

In the forwards we will have Dillon back. Burke will be a year older and should be able to start using his undoubted skill. Curry should be able to do something at senior and add the pace we are missing. But the one I think will come good is Paul Crummy, when things got serious at u21 (Westmeath and Wex games), he was the one that came good. Winters and Hayes made differences at times last year at senior too, as did Whitely.

But I think if we take say our six starting forwards from the Kilkenny game this year, maybe only 3 of them will start in next years championship, Keaney, Sutcliffe and possibly Rushe, although he would have to master that role better. Paul Ryan might be thereabouts too, goal getters aren’t easy to come by. But I would think one of the aforementioned would be putting him under pressure.


The likes of Galway and Cork have been extremely competitive in both codes over the years by and large with both having a genuine chance of winning an All Ireland in both codes. The main reason is that there is little to no overlap, there are hurling areas and football areas so the dual player issue does not effect them (especially Galway). Dublin on the other hand do not have the same situation. Na Fianna, Ballyboden, Vincents, Crokes, are all genuine championship contenders in both codes, no other county would have such a scenario.

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