Dublin Senior Hurling 2022

Well the club championships are well under way. You’d expect a few hands to go up for panel places next year as I’d expect Mattie to freshen things up a touch.

Anyone impressing so far?

Don’t think there will be many “New Panelists” from Club championship. Existing panelists might put their hand up for match day 26 or 20’s to join the panel perhaps

Well, okay, but the panel is a closely guarded secret. One or two have impressed who I don’t know if they’re on the extended panel or not, too early to tell yet so more a conversation for the end of the group stages.

Very early days but thought Purcell as expected was very good for Crokes. Murphy for Na Fianna good in patches too.

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Few Na Fianna lads will have put their hands up I say

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Donal Ryan looks a decent wing back. Did he give up the hurling for a few years, I know hes a decent footballer.

If thats the case expecting the same results for the next championship, there a few on the current team that shouldn’t be on it

All depends who is on the extended panel. It’s a well guarded secret!

What age is quilty now? He looked the part at county level until injuries set him back.

31 at least. Very good underage hurler, great striker of a ball. Seemed to get a few injuries to set him back.