Dublin Senior Hurling 2022

Half your club started as hurlers and fucked off to football so NaFianna are in the good books this week :joy::joy:

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Well seeing as you put it like that :joy:

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He’s played dual for Whitehall since 2016.

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I know. I meant county.

At a guess Cian O Callaghan and Chris Crummey.

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Just a complete random guess…

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They’d be a loss if they do head off but the two boy shave given years to Dublin at this stage, a break now might prolong their careers ultimately.

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Life > Hurling


To be fair they’ve probably figured even with a brilliant manager silverware is probably beyond Dublin for at least another 3 years

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Absolute stab in the dark.

Well, this time last year we were thinking kk are no great shakes and we had just beaten Galway so you could have made a case that Leinster was an achievable goal.

Of course, since then KK have kicked on and Henry has Galway going pretty well. Neither invincible either tho. Will new KK management get the same out of them? TJ can’t go on forever. And Galway while improved aren’t the finished article either.

Of course, Dublin has a whole lot of improving to do to get near either on current form but I think we have improvement in us.


I was saying this 3yrs ago, he looks like he could do 5 more if he wanted but that lady of his will reel him in soon and I think they’ve a baby on the way so that will goose him a bit too

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He’s a fit looking boy alright

He owns a gym … he’s effectively a professional hurler

You hardly think he’s given PT 1-1 sessions the days he’s training …

Methinks there’s a bit more work to owning & running a gym then that :grinning:


We probably need the 2023 thread now but our new manager and a selector were at the Barróg Setanta game and would definitely have taken note of Cillian Costello for Barróg and at least 1 other Barróg player


How old is Cillian?

Mid 20s I reckon

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How old are you Cillian ?