Dublin Senior Hurling 2023

Might as well start the 2023 talk now.

Who would you like to see brought into the panel and given a chance based on the Club championships so far?

Crummy and cian o callaghan confirmed to be not part of 2023 set up.


Big blow for the manager . Two of our better players

Yea a blow alright and it’s another two options we need to find replacements for. Thought moving crummy to his more natural position in the Hb line would be an easy win for MD. And cian is a very solid operator in the FB line.

Two big loses alright.

The one man who has really put his hand up for me is Davy Crowe, he has looked very comfortable comfortable this year in any position from 2-7 and needs a good run of games to see if he can settle in.


Yea, good shout, he looks a serious operator and must be worth a look next year.

Colm Walsh has been playing regularly for Lucan as well and hit some great scores from midfield in their last game, more of a HB I’m told but versatile.


McDwyer worth a look with that pace and the huge space the angled runs he makes create


That pace on a pitch like Thurles / Croke park would be interesting.

Michael Murphy for me is a very exciting prospect I would hope to see involved next year as well.

Considine and Dowling for me well worth a look also.

Think there’s talent there to kick on to a higher level then we have shown the last 5 or 6 years if we can get some guys back. O’Sullivan hopefully fully recovered would be a big plus. His clubmate Dunne has to be in the frame if interested.

Definitely agree on Considine. Interesting to see how he gets on against the experienced and still very good Boden defense of Lambert & Durkin etc

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Some of the ball played into him is of the diagonal variety where he’s running out to meet it and getting shot away over the shoulder, very hard for a defender to do anything with that. Will be interesting alright.

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Dara Purcell has a great turn of pace as well and a nice skillset.

I opened this thread in the hope of seeing a mic drop moment from our new leader announcing the return of EOD to the fold, not this.

Then I read…

BUT it’s according to “sources close to the Dublin camp”. I’ll wait for something official, thanks very much.

Been mooted for a while, seems like the lads are away. O’Donnell makes up for it imo.

New management going to need to introduce a lot of new players, so finding a couple of backs as well adds to the to-do list. Few options there that could work out hopefully, we have to move away from so many guys who are on the slower side.


Wouldnt mind seeing something like this tried out in the walsh cup

-------- Gibbons
Dunphy - Smyth - O’Donnell
Crowe - Danny - C.Walsh
— S.Currie - Boland
O’Sullivan - M.Murphy - D.Burke
Purcell - Dowling - Considine

McDwyer if COS isnt ready in time. Donal can drop back and Currie can link midfield with the attack. Boland drop deeper, he played some good ball into forwards when he played deeper for OPER last year.


Im not as sold on McDwyer as much as some , absolutely get his pace as an asset, equally has a nice wrist , but for me he’s bulked up a bit across the shoulders , but at this moment in time not strong enough for county hurling.
That said he’s worthy of a look as not that many young lads have put their hands up in championship


not the finished article by any means


Its official alright. One more going too.

Think he’s talking about the coming bit, not the going bit!


Mcdwyer worth a look but I have seen him marked out of it Vs Jude’s by a u19 who stuck to his task … wouldn’t be near county senior on that performance whilst where he was allowed loads of room he looked really good in plunketts and other games


O’Donnell is coming back