Dublin Senior Hurling 2023

You’ve precious little to annoy you

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That’s not true. You’re annoying me for the next ten years! Dub09 is having menstrual cramps. Please sort out your grammar. I’ll buy you a brandy at the ResDubs Christmas Gig. A proper brandy, that is.


LondonJack on brandy steroids…now that is a frightening thought !!!

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"Micheál now has a fresh panel of 40 plus people and I have to earn my stripe again. As of now I’m looking forward to the whole hurling side of things again. I have put a lot of time and effort over the last nine, ten years into it.

Who are the 40 I wonder! … why do i get the feeling every other county knows who is on the panel?

Some clear out by all accounts . Some of it voluntary

Whos gone?

yea heard a good few of the exits, and a few of the opt opts from being called up but nothing about who the new faces are.

Some old faces were asked back and declined too

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Are names not allowed?

But not mentioning names is key - allows people here to pretend they know what’s happening when unfortunately they don’t. Sometimes the use of words like ‘older’ players and ‘newer’ players help this illusion.


Is Eamonn Dillion back?

I’m hearing Pat Gilroy is the new manager.

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Ger Dodrill?


Who are those who declined ?

Do you want names chief ?

PM me . Don’t be getting sarky like a few others here post midnight after closing time


Of course Ger is back in the reckoning. Sure where would Dublin hurling be without the hope that next season will be Gers breakthrough year?


Whats the issue with naming name’s? If its gossip, say nothing, if you have actual information, share it.

GPDR rules

Really? Names of players get mentioned on here left right and centre and there’s no issues with GDPR.

But with claiming they are or aren’t involved with the county panel there is?