Dublin Senior Hurling 2023

On the piss again Jack. Ah sure it’s Friday.

This site cracks me up sometimes


Composing your Roy Curtis like posts for next year already I assume ?

Looking forward to it kid . Gin for the win :trophy:

Read them at 11am - before the ould drink starts affecting ya

You couldn’t possibly be writing those posts sober though right ?

You’d know Jack - you’d know.

Maybe Roy would :wink:

So you dont know any information

As you wish

Go on tell us a few names. I promise I won’t tell anyone🤣

What specific Article of GDPR prohibits their names being published?


I’ve the list of club transfers this year if anyone wants it PM me :joy:


I don’t like to mention the names on an open forum. Was the same with the lads travelling. Mentioned to Tayto in DM alright but didn’t mention on open forum.

Sometimes with some, your theory is correct. Sometimes people do actually know the names :+1:t2:


Surely the GDPR post is just to twist a few nuts? Looks like it worked.

His post or my question?
GDPR is thrown out so often by people as a reason for not supplying answers and generally it is done by those who don’t even know what GDPR is

Believe me I know what it is

And you’re right I never believed so many people would bite either

The important stuff happens by PM usually

It only wound up the usual suspects

Yea and you have got a good track record with this stuff, I didn’t post the names here because you hadn’t. I’m not pretending to know anything. Anyways don’t mind ol’snarky pants. :rofl:


His post. LJ is an acquired taste so who knows :joy:

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Does anyone know where i can find the Walsh cup 2023 fixtures? Not on the leinster GAA site for some reason.