Dublin Senior Hurling 2023

Don’t think the specific dates confirmed yet. Started on 09/01 last year

Starting on Feb 4?

National League yes. This is Walsh Cup

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Interestingly O’Rorke didn’t say the door was closed to county hurling next year in his interview with Shane Stapleton.


Jesus you’d hope not when you see the turnover


Great club player but won’t offer anything when it comes to the county team. Shouldn’t be going back to lads that have already been tried. Now is a great chance to start fresh. Can’t be any worse than what we’ve seen the last few years and will be better in the long run I feel.

Not sure he wouldn’t offer anything, he was always good for a score or two, but the deeper role he is playing these days really seems to suit him.

Get what you’re saying about not going back but he’s only 27, the crucial thing is that MD brings in the best group available.

Once he has the best group in, he can see with his own eyes then who is going well and from there it’s a judgment call as to getting the balance right.


Fresh with ……

We aren’t Cork

His pass for the Crummy goal against Galway in Croke Park in 2021 was a thing of beauty.


I suppose the problem is a lot of our “county players” dont stand out at club. He has arguably been best club player over the last two years. We really struggled in midfield at county this year too. Great first touch, lovely skill and excellent striker of the ball who uses it well. Intercounty obviously a step up but I think he was unfairly overlooked at county. For a smallish lad he tackles hard. Surprisingly only 27, definitely cant afford to lose him playing in his prime. I agree with the need for a big turnover but we dont have the luxury of getting rid of someone who has performed so well with Crokes. Another thing for his club he offers is leadership…which is a big issue for us at county level, we have so few leaders.


it was sublime, great fetch and finish by crummy as well

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Loada baloney

Could be wrong and it’d be great if I was. Not many like him on the county scene playing the role he plays Just see the intercounty game gone to a level that is too fast and physical. Ballyhale will be a good test. Hopefully he can perform against them.

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Well, there are concerns about his physicality for sure but if we dropped everyone who has a weakness we’d have no one left, at least he has the hurling. As does Donal Burke is a lovely striker of the ball but he’s not quick. Conor Burke has the hurling and strength but is also slow. etc etc

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Ye very true. We’ll just have to wait and see who’s in and who isn’t.


Good interview with Oisin on Shane Stapleton’s twitter and website ourgame.ie. Has been in and out with Dublin going back to 2015. Didn’t feature much under Mattie in 2021 and had some injury niggles, stepped away for 2022 but didn’t completely rule out being involved in the future. Focussed on the club for now.


So now with the Dublin club season more or less over apart from Commercials in the Leinster Junior final at the weekend, what are the thoughts for the Dubs next year, the first year under MD?

Thank god for that second half from Crokes because it’d be like a morgue in here without it.

What’s a realistic set of aims for this year? Use the league to find a few players (has no choice with the guys gone traveling) and hopefully develop an attacking style of play less reliant on Donal Burke, where we might create a few goal chances.

Push for qualification from Leinster and have something to build on for next year.

We don’t have the players. Have to say I wouldn’t be hopeful at all. The forwards just aren’t there

Don’t have the player to do what tho?

Win an all Ireland? Definitely not.

Compete in Leinster? Maybe not?

Get out of Leinster? We were a whisker away last year, can we not improve on that?

Be doing well to get out. Won’t beat galway or Kilkenny. All comes down to Wexford again.
And it seems that last year is only a distant memory with the players who are gone.