Dublin Senior Hurling A Championship (SHC A) 2020

Group 1.

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:
Thomas Davis
Na Fianna

Group 2 is not for the faint hearted

Group 2 a serious tough group and tough on Scoil been in that group.

Setanta and Davis both happy to be in with each other in Group 4 as who ever wins that will be safe.


Oh boy, Nightmare group.

Faughs and Judes will be a derby to sort out the bragging rights

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2. Boden/crokes
3. Brigids/Whitehall
4. Na fianna/cuala

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Its been talked to death but when you see the draw you realise theres far too many teams. Group 2 should be competitive between crokes boden chraobh and no offence to scoil but score difference could matter if all beat each other.

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Groups one and three are not straight forward

That’s all in hand.

The sub-committee are currently reviewing the Adult Hurling Championships structures similar to the review in 2018/19 of Adult football structures.
In recent times some games have been rather one sided and the championship competitiveness has been lost. To make games more competitive and meaningful We invite suggestions from all clubs re improvement in the structure of the championship from their perspective

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Group 2 is a tough group but you’d still expect crokes and boden to come through,having said that craobh will fancy their chances of beating at least one of them.

Do Kilkenny still do 2 groups of 7? Would Dublin be able to squeeze that many games in? Just gives teams a fair few games. Of course they play through the summer, which helps the schedule.

Going on 2019 form they’d fancy a cut off Crokes and Boden fell back a bit this year, so not a forgone conclusion. You’d have to feel a little sorry for scoill getting caught up in that. Welcome to senior a hurling! But hopefully they can compete and/or learn from it.

Hopefully they can but I can’t see it happening tbh

It’s a big jump in standard alright, especially if Crokes get their ducks in a row.

Crokes all over the place last year. Expect them to be more organised this year under new management. Craobh will be up for these games in April having probably to beat one of the big teams to be still going come September.

This will be interesting. Will they go the same route as they did with football, base it on a few years results points system?. Would 4 go down and no one come up? Or 6 down and 2 up. ?

rotten draw for Scoil

No matter how you change the format, its probable that most teams promoted will face a huge challenge to compete against the big boys, like Scoil this year

Have a play off with bottom team senior A and top team senior B

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Needs to be a 12 team division 1. The team who finishes bottom in each group. Play 2 semi finals. Losers are relegated, as is the team who loses in the final. The team who wins the relegation tournament plays the team who wins senior b, winner plays senior A next year. Leaving you with 12 teams in division 1 next year.

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