Dublin Senior Hurling A Championship (SHC A) 2020

That looks great in theory but wont work in practice. Most teams didn’t get to start their league campaign in 2020 because of bad weather in February and March so they can’t continue the league,they haven’t commenced it yet.
There are still up to 15 football league rounds and 11 hurling league games to play. How are DCB going play up to 26 rounds of leagues from mid August to early December on pitches that will become unplayable as winter sets in, when they can’t play mid week game due to dark evenings, when some clubs will be still in championship until October, when lads will want to watch Dublin teams from October to hopefully December, not to mention that there isn’t enough weekends anyway.

Cups are not perfect but in the crazy year we’ve been having they are the best solution to giving teams matches.


If they didn’t offer extra games people will moan. They can’t win.


They are 6 hurling games in this cup competition so are we saying another 5 is impossible
Yes if there is a second wave of Covid-19 but if there is no second wave why not

The only King Henry I know of in Ireland comes from Kilkenny where they don’t play football. In this county thank God we play both games, in doing so we need separate weekends to allow the many players from senior to junior G/6 who want to play both so factor that in to your calculations and don’t just think of one code.


I was just giving a general over view but to be as fair as you can most teams in division 2 [80%] have played 2 games already so we are now down to 3 extra games and as someone who was involved in games late into December in years gone by I think it’s possible
All I can say is I can’t see the cup games being anything but glorified friendlys with teams looking to change games and player’s not putting in any effort to train

The county board are providing games for clubs/players, to hear people complaining about this is ridiculous. If they don’t want to play they should go and do something else permanently.


Agree with this. Games provided and ones that provide no consequence on next year should teams /communities have any complications due to covid. Play if you can/want. If not, dont. Very simple.

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So for having an opinion on a forum that you don’t like and disagreeing with something DCB did(which by the way 32 other county boards did as well )I should leave the gaa for ever sorry princess you need to have a nap

Yeah it’s some opinion, complaining about playing games. Maybe sport in general is not for you🤷‍♂️

Once championship is over players at all levels loose interest. It’s even a struggle to get motivated for the last few league matches.

I personally think this cup competition is a waste of time we should be grateful that we got a championship at all this year.

It will be very interesting to see how clubs with a high number of dual players approach it. Will Football managers be keen on their players playing in it if their preparing for knockout stages of Championship and vice versa

Am I right in saying theres cup competitions for teams knocked out of the championship at the group stages or what way is it working?

It’s for teams that don’t qualify for the quarter finals.

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And beaten quarter finalists

You’d imagine those players will opt out if they are going well in the other code. But it’s a cup competition - some will put a bit of effort in others wont’ bother - that’s generally what happens with cup competitions - no real change .

6/8 can live with that.

In relation to the dual problem, would it have been better to run off 1 code with a cup competition in the ither code fir lads who dont play the other.

Would it be possible to do it that way or are players generally happy enough as it is?

The other side of the coin being that a team has games available should they be knocked out. With the long lay off already I can’t see lads longing for the break. As you say it’s almost optional in terms of efforts that clubs want to put in so I think it works all round. You would imagine it’s a giving that any dual players still in the championship in one code won’t bother with the cups.

Now in terms of whether or not we should be having contact sport when unnecessary with the Covid situation is a seperate argument

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Should have been about ten games.

Good to see Matthew Oliver back playing, lovely hurler.


He appealed it and he got an extra match ban :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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