Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018

Hi lads. Any idea when the group’s and fixtures are coming out for the Senior B Hurling Championship.

As soon as Thomas Davis allows it

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Thomas Davis 1-20 Ballyboden 1-15

Naomh Barrog had a big win against Castleknock last night. 3-15 to 1-7. Castleknock don’t seem to be making the impact that I thought they would. Must be focusing on the big ball?

I think they lost a few to Football only a year or two ago. Did Ciaran Kilkenny play?

Another transferred over to Manchester afaik.

Good win for Thomas Davis


Good result for TD V Boden. Nice to see a small hurling club put it up to the bigger sides

Anyone at the game? Are TD a coming force at this level

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The bigger sides 2nd teams?? Truth is we have produced a lot of average low skilled hurlers in the last 10 years currently between the ages of 20-30ish. Johnny McGlynn doing a great job with TD but beating our 2nd team these days is no great achievement!

I was coming from the point of view that TD wouldn’t have much of a tradition of playing championship hurling at Senior B level
Where as Boden would be seen as a strong hurling club
If Boden are weak at the moment maybe TD will struggle at this level

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I think TD were a few years in the Snr. B not so long ago.

They were in it the year after they were beaten by Kevins in the inter final when Kevins played a couple of lads who didn’t belong to them

Stickman is on the button here. The talent coming out of minor from Boden the last number of years has been of a lot lower quality since about 2010. There are a couple of other reasons which I won’t get into here.
It is evident in the decline of all our adult teams over the last 4 years or so. Lads retiring or getting older not being replaced with the same quality.
On TD. I think they will do well at Sen B. Sure didn’t they beat Raheny last year in the playoff to represent Dublin in the LIHC?

Round Towers 1-17 St Pats 2-13
Did Liam Rushe play for Pats? If so how did he get on? Hasn’t been getting huge game time for Dublin this year with injuries.

To be fair the standard of player you had was exceptional, helped raise the standard in dublin to the point where Cuala are doing as well as they are. Assume boden will be back at some point.

Ah ye, we had many years of excellent minor teams and certainly raised the standard in Dublin. But no-one can stay on top forever.
Looking to the future there is an improvement at underage. I expect us to back at some point too. Some good players coming up.

I wouldn’t use that as a gauge tbh for a number of reasons.

They will go well in it but can’t see them getting out of it this year.

Agreed. Can’t see them winning promotion but they should stay up, imo.

TD used to play in the “old” Intermediate Championship (now called Senior B !) back in the mid nineties.