Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018

Boland play?

Cian didn’t play he sustained a nasty ankle ligament injury and It looks like he will be out for most of the season.

Jesus, having no luck at all with injuries the poor lad

ah jaysus, that’s unlucky, at least it’s not the old injury back.

Group 1 is something else…all 6 teams on 2 pts…:crazy_face:

Round 3 of B Championship tonight
Group 1 all teams on 2pts after 2 games

Group 2. Faughs & Thomas Davis on 4 pts
Naomh Olafs on 3pts
Na Fianna 1pt
Boden & Parnells on 0 pts

Battle of the bottom 2 in chanel tonight

Are all B games going ahead? Is there nobody involved with Dublin?

Plunkets game off and I think barrog

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St Pats V Plunketts is off all other games are going ahead

Boden beat Parnells by 6 i think we are struggling for numbers with injuries work and lads on the missing list we had 17 tonight missing 8 from the team that lost the semi final last year

Not looking good for you’s seems yes are goin backwards after making a lot of progress

Always had a small squad and suffering at the moment only 1 from last year’s back 6 played tonight

Is all the country lads still around or are they finished

Barrog 1-19 Kilmacud 0-18 tonight

Last year when we beat Plunkets in the quarter finals we started with 14 born in coolock
Andy Shore is still a Parnells player but done his rotary cuff so is out for 4 more months and living in Gibraltar while he recovers

Barrog and faughs would be favourites for me followed by Plunkets and olafs

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As a not a native of Dublin he cannot be a Parnells player if he is not in permanent residence in Dublin. That is a rule of the Association. Are you admitting to the club playing an illegal player?

Full time in sandyford.

Olaf’s 2-15 Thomas Davis 5-15

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