Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2019

Na Fianna
St Pats
Thomas Davis

That’s the propsed grading.

4 Second teams, are the superclubs getting stronger and stronger?

Scoil got promoted to Senior B ? How did this happen? The Inter final was Cuala v Marks which Cuala won?

Didn’t notice that actually. Either a mistake or a request was put in by Marks?

Marks only coming up from AHL4, Scoil survived a year in AHL2 so it it looks to make more sense based on league status anyway.

Has to be a mistake on the file. They done this before.

Marks and Cuala went up

Marks bet scoil in last years semi sure so are well capable of the step up, defo a mistake no way would they request inter unless they had a load of retirements.

Surely you cannot request not to be promoted if you have earned the right to go up?

I’m also assuming it is a mistake. Can’t see why Marks wouldn’t want to play in Senior B.

Who will be favourites so? Raheny and Crumlin?

The Quinns be a big loss to Crumlin.

Who has transfared out of crumlin to council? Just the Quinns?

And Kevin Byrne

Mark’s lost 2 finals remember

Was he originally Counsel too?

I think so. He played football with them last few seasons anyway.

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That’s 3 former county hurlers Counsel have got back now. They should be flying in their league and championship.

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And they are in Junior B and AHL5, god help the 38 year old Junior Hurler trying to keep up with Ben Quinn. I’d say they are nearly certs for doing the double there.

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Might dust off the hurl meself :sunglasses:

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Marks won AHL4 playoff Final

Think he was referring to Junior A Final in 2017

Would be good to see them float back up towards senior. Are there any decent hurlers on the Liffey Gaels side of the marriage coming through?

Seems Marks did request not to be promoted and County Board agreed
There numbers seem to be fairly tiight
Maybe County Board don’t want a repeat of the chaos caused last season by Parnells