Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2017

So now that 2016 is wrapped up at a county level, what are people’s thoughts on how the Dublin hurlers might fare in 2017?

Will we see Danny back? Could certainly do with him.
Hopefully have Paul Schutte and Peter Kelly back. Peter could be tried further out the field perhaps as Cian O’C molding into a reliable full-back (not at P.K 2013/2014 standard yet).

Also, where was Shane Durken this year? I thought he was great under Daly, could do with him back also.

Midfield is certainly an area we need to strengthen, need to find bigger and more athletic midfielders like Michael Fennelly (Kilkenny) and Michael Breen (Tipperary).

Danny? No. My worry is that more will follow. Sean Treacy, for whatever reason, is not making himself available.

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Is Danny a ‘no’ because of Ger Cunningham still in charge or another reason Alan? Not good to lose youngsters like Sean for a year but can probably survive without him. Need to get Durkan back, where was he in 2016? Shane Barrett is another option for the half-forward line.

Cunningham doesn’t help in Danny’s case and the linger he’s away the less likely it is he might return as the player he was.

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He’s heading off travelling for the year

That’s fair enough.

Half forward line and midfield are the areas that need big improvement.

Heard Ger paid for the trip as well to keep him away too


He may well be paying for more trips before the year is out!

It keeps the twilight zone of inaccurate conspiracy stories going anyway. I was going to suggest to the moderators that we might split the thread into hurling and innuendo for next season- what do you think?

And he used the left over money to ensure Kelly and Boland remained injured


I don’t do inaccurate conspiracy theories Bart!
My worry is seeing players like Danny, Cronin, Joey Boland, Treacy etc not playing for Dublin. And my opinion is that more will follow this year. It’s only a worry not a conspiracy against Cunningham.

From conversations I have had with people close to Danny he is not coming back while Cunningham is in charge. The worry is that Cunninghams management style has ruffled a few feathers and there may be more going out the door is real.

I take your point but

Danny’s is going travelling -he doesn’t like the manager either - that’s fine but he was poor in 2014 under Daly and hasn’t had a good season since 2013. Still living off it really.

I don’t think Cronin is at that standard based on his performances at senior level for Dublin. His striking is very slow.

I think joey would struggle at this level - you can’t get away with no pace.

Sean Treacy I agree - but if his brother is still playing next year how do you know he doesn’t want to go and see the world. Lads are walking away from the Dublin football panel - young lads these days aren’t married to the game like previous generations

Fully agree with all of that. Rather than personalising it with my own club I just feel on a general basis we are losing too many! Without questioning their abilities, which I agree you have to do realistically, it’s just a worry. Iv also heard that others will be leaving hence my initial comment. It’s how he manages these issues that’s the problem.

Agreed and if that’s the case then fair enough Cunningham should vacate then

Hard to know what the aim is next year outside staying in div 1. Top 6 I suppose

Until we start producing forwards we will be outside the top bracket

That clarification didn’t take long on Danny…


It’s hugely disappointing but not unexpected that probably the best hurler we have had in the last 50 years is now in his prime and not hurling for the county. I am sure more will follow and as someone who was on the fence about Cunningham I’m seeing his presence as manager as now being not in the best interests of the game in dublin. He has introduced young lads which is great but overall you just feel there is alot of uncertainty and unhappy guys in around the panel and nobody would be surprised to see more lads leaving. Would a dublin football manager get ratified as quick and easily if the same things were going on…i dont think so. Already feels like its going to be a year wasted.

Depends what your expectations are. What would be a good year in your view?
Personally I thought last year was relatively successful- we blooded the best young players around and started the rebuilding process which was needed

Best hurler we’ve had in 50 years? Christ almighty, the most overrated hurler we’ve had in 50 years maybe. He had one decent season and did nothing after that, getting way too much credit for one season. But as is the norm with sports fans the longer he doesn’t play the better he gets.


Have to agree.