Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2021

A pity end for us in this Covid year but can look ahead to a more normal season hopefully with a full League and Championship.

A few have called for a new manager already. IMO changing a manager so often is not a good thing, very disruptive to the squad. I would like to see Kenny get one more year, it took him a while to get Cuala motoring.

His time at Cuala was as follows:
Year 1 - nothing (Step 1)
Year 2 - won Dublin but beaten by Oulart in Leinster (Step 2)
Year 3 - won Dublin, Leinster and first AI (Step 3)

In year 1 Con did not feature much if at all. It took a Con and a few more bits to make the big breakthrough, the players used to refer to Con as “The Answer” long before he arrived on the adult scene. Nearly all top teams have one Star forward nowadays typically on the inside line who can get goals and we need one too. Maybe one of the Curries can fill the gap. What we do have now at least is another top class forward in Donal Burke who will only get better.

You can get Cody, Kiely anyone you want. For me this is on the players shoulders more then the manager.

Manager takes the hit on selections tactics and systems. But players tske the hit on executing the basics of the game…Kenny didnt coach his defence to leave 20 to 3o feet of space for an attacker


Fully agree

But he did move two excellent half backs to midfield & CF leaving a half back line behind, including a debutant, to be eaten alive


He moved a galf back to half forward, where he plays for his club, to give ball winning options, Crummey hit 2 lovely scores from ball he won himself and took on the defender, we dont have enough of that.

Who debuted on Saturday? As far as I recall Burke played, in a position hes very familiar in, v Laois and Kilkenny. And done well. Madden didnt debut nor Grey so you have me on the debut?

Anyway outside of who played where the basics were way beliw what they should be and the space allowed was Rackard cup level no excuse for it

Burke first proper IC Championship (which has gone well) and he was left playing CHB.

I’m not giving an opinion. I’m stating facts. Crummy is a HB. Not a HF. End of.

So your making up stuff to suit your argument? Burke played his 3rd game. And Crummey plays half fwd for for his club regularly They are 2 facts

Also Burke was on more ball for us then anyone and was one of our most solid players overall in the 3 games

No but-is pace or organisation the issue? it’s hard to tell from TV why we were so far off the Cork forwards. At one point Smyth got turned and his man left him for dead.

We’ve very few fliers unfortunately. O’Floinn might be an option to add some speed to the middle third.


Cork are really fast to be fair plus our 3rd game in 3 weeks probably didnt help…

You can make up for that small difference in pace through cuteness, another thing we lack?

Organisation for me begins with the manager but in game time when things are changing I think players takeva level of ownership in organising or reorganising…christ Harnedy hit a score in the 2nd half where he had 30 yards space on all sides of him, thats not a managers fault

Very different Cork team that turned up their first day out.
Dublin’s skill set was lacking though. Cork were getting space because their touch was so good.
Dubs on the other hand needed two or 3 to lift the ball at times?
Crummey move is robbing Peter to pay Paul and it nearly worked out!
Alas wasn’t to be.
Few of the subs were odd IMO.
Chasing a game having been looking to play direct to ball winners, cork stop that so we bring on more ball winners and play worse balls into the?
Not being able to adapt to a losing game is a result of basic skills not being as high as they need to be.
Limerick or Tipp would have beaten us by more.

Crummy 11 for club is great but I personally would have Burke 11 and Crummy 5 with Moran 6 where he plays for his club, you can’t say Crummy plays 11 for club while ignoring Moran 6 for club Keogh 8 for club and 14 for Dublin also Cian o C at 3 for club and 5 for Dublin

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He wasn’t much of a half back last year against Laois. He’s a fantastic hurler, we haven’t got enough of them, error ridden, can’t blame the Manager for that. Lack pace can’t blame the Manager for that either

Whatever you say :+1:t2:

Can blame the manager for lack of fight and intensity.as Cody says it’s your starting point and finishing point. For me crummy is 1 of the best half backs in the country as rushe was a few years ago.dont agree in moving players that are a bedrock of a team.


I can see the logic behind trying crummy in the forward line but there’s an element of robbing Peter to pay paul though, and our HB line was probably our strongest line last year. Crummy is so effective he can do a job there but he’s not a natural forward really but i can see the logic in trying it because we dont have a bunch of HF options. I mean some would say Danny is best at CHB and Boland might be more suited to midfield.

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I agree on Ocallaghan no way a wing back. I like Moran but at this level too loose at 6…

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Is what Ive said wrong? You dont decide that Laois and Kilkenny werent proper championship games so Cork counts as his debut :joy::joy::joy:

I said season.
Anyways, as i’ve said before, he will get another year.
But is not invincible and while players have a lot to answer for, he is picking them.

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We have some positives. The 2 burkes for example…The conundrum were in really is do we give Mattie another year, a proper full 2nd year and what players can be added to improve??

Say Chris goes back half back, who becomes the ball winner in the half fwds? His brother maybe? Can we get Mark Schutte back at his best? Is Cronin ever likely to play county again? Can we kidnap Con to play full forward??

Id guess Keaney will go, maybe Rushe to. How do we cover that? Real crosdroads were at, again

Problem for me isn’t the ball winner in the forwards.

It is the delivery of the ball to the forwards to give them a chance at winning it!
Trollier, Hayes & indeed Paul Crummy can win a ball. But not if it comes down with snow or they’re covered by a sweeper and we don’t deliver correctly.

Again, that is tactics & training & working on it.

I would much prefer to see Paul Crummy in 2021 than Davie Keogh