Dublin Senior/Inter Hurling Championships Restructure

Has anyone seen it yet?

I’m sure there’s going to be a few clubs disgruntled but it will be interesting to see how they figured out the scoring over the last 4 years

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Is this happening this year?

Doubt this year

What is it?

Coming in next year

Proposed Championships Format

•Four Hurling Championships

•10 teams in each Championship

•Two Groups in each Championship

•Each team Guaranteed a Minimum of Five Championship Matches

•Four matches for each team in Group Stages Round Robin

Proposed Championships Format

•Top team in each group advances to Semi Finals

•Teams 2 and 3 in each Group advance to Quarter Finals (G1 Team 2 v G2 Team 3 and G2 Team 2 v G1 Team 3).

•Winners of Quarter Finals advance to Semi Finals

•Teams 4 and 5 in each Group play in Relegation Playoffs (G1 Team 4 v G2 Team 5 and G2 Team 4 v G1 Team 5).

•Two Losers of playoffs relegated

•Winner and Runner Up of Championships two, three and four promoted to the next highest championship.

•In JHCs, Two Up and Two Down will continue.

Extension of ‘look back’ analysis to Five Years

•If this proposal is accepted by County Committee, the same ratings for the 2021 competitions will also be added to the mix, thereby extending the ‘look back’ analysis to Five Years 2015 to 2021 inclusive


Composition of New Championship Groupings 2022

Senior 1, Senior 2 and Senior 3

•Based on Four Year Lookback, All 28 teams in SAHC and SBHC would retain Senior Hurling Championship Grading

•The Top 30 Teams from SAHC, SBHC and IHC will be ranked by Total Weighted Points for inclusion in the three new championships

•Final Composition of Championship Groups for 2022 Season will be determined by reference to Four Year Lookback 2017-2020 PLUS Championship Results 2021

Intermediate Hurling Championship

•2021 IHC Playoff losers relegated to 2022 JAHC

•JAHC 2021 Winners and Runners Up Promoted to 2022 IHC

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Why didn’t they include in it how the points are calculated? Certainly one club won’t be happy from my first look at it. Also a few clubs missing from the lists.

Yeah strange why they didn’t include how they calculated it. I just can’t see how the likes of Ballinteer are in tier 3 all of a sudden.

No all 28 Senior A and B are on the list, some don’t show on mobile devices but I could see them on the laptop.

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That’s quite the shake up

Can someone post the proposed gradings??


This is really good news in trying to improve the standard at Senior A level and making the games more competitive. These championships will be way more competitive and if you are winning a senior B you will be well prepared to go up to Senior A compared to how things are at present. An improved Senior hurling championship will help develop better players for Dublin senior hurling team too.


Great news. Much better format.


My suspicion would be similar to Setanta was that they may have had been in very hard groups to qualify from when in SHC A. Hence their scores over the 4 years have been poorer than expected.

Totally agree, on first glace it looks very good. should be very competitive.

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Yeah I know but you’d have the same thinking with O’Tooles.

If they explained their point system it would make it easier.

Likes of Balinteer for example have played Senior A the last four years but Clontarf who’ve played one year at Senior B are ranked higher than them.
Go figure !!

Overall they aren’t that far off with the gradings bar a few.

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Agreed, explanation regards scoring defo needed.

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Na Fianna with a poor score there, just about senior A by this logic


There’s one team (faughs) missing from that list, so they’re 9 from 10

Looks like a good idea. A change up will benefit Dublin hurling in the long run at both club and county level.

Is this confirmed? Starting next year?

It’s harsh on Thomas Davis, Whitehall and ballinteer.