Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2019

Good news for the ladies football team

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Great news to be fair. Rumours that he was thinking about going in with Roscommon which would have been a huge blow to the 3 in a row bid.

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I’d say the 3 in a row was a large carrot here. The ladies are only two behind our lads! :wink:

Widely acknowledged to be one of the best coaches out there, I just wasn’t sure that the head job would be suited to him. That’s been laid to rest!


No doubting that he has had a massive effect on the County team, and achieved great results, but there has been a price to pay for club football. Both divisions 1 & 2 have yet to be completed and we are nearing the end of November because of the number of times the squad were together when league games were due to be played and subsequently postponed.

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Sounds like the ladies are going the way of the men. They’ll be playing almost all league games without county players soon.

I really do think the way forward for mens and womens football is to play league without the county players. At least that way everyone gets games and gets them at the right time. Sure, it is a bit unfair on the teams that have a lot of county players, but they would have them for the championship - which is on a semi league basis anyway now.

But it’s a complete capitulation and betrayal of what the GAA is supposed to be about.

I really do think history will judge the people who have allowed this quite harshly

And it’s not an enormous step from losing them for league games to losing them altogether. Already the dual player at county level is dead and at club level all but dead.

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How many games do the ladies county team play? Can’t be that many.

Sorry Wifi

Disagree totally with you - the Dublin Ladies league and champ schedule this year was dictated by a distorted acceptance of county team commitments - league will not finish before Christmas and girls are left with months between meaningful games - we will continue to see the drop-off of talented club players who are totally frustrated with the current organisation of games.

There can be no justification of destroying the club game which is what is happening now - Dublin Ladies Senior League should be run with availability of all players to clubs, and county setup needs back off on the excessive ring fencing of the players involved.

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Would playing League without county players just give Fox/Cab an even bigger advantage?

I agree with this. My own daughters team in Div 2 still has 3 league games to play.
One of the best things about the ladies football was that you would see all inter county players play with clubs regularly.
Going the way of the men’s game is not a good thing

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I agree with both above that it is preferable if county players play club games. But the reality is that isn’t a choice on the table in mens or womens football. The choice is to play without the county players or don’t play - and in that instance I think the better option is to play without the county players.

When you see the amount of promotion stuff that players are doing now, and the benefits they can get from it, I think the genie is well out of the bottle and can’t be put back in. Being a county player is now a thing that can bring great benefits. It used to be the benefit was to just say you are a county player, now it can be a great assistance financially (cars, promotion money, mileage, scholarships). It is going to be impossible to tell players to focus more on club stuff and less on county. It might not be correct, and it’s not in my view, but the only way people will get games when they want them (in the summer) is to do it without county players. In fairness the league is about playing the game, it isn’t necessarily all about winning it.

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Can’t put men’s and ladies league in same bracket here though . The men’s division have 16 teams . Ladies this year had ten . Last year had 9 due to an appeal and before that was 8.
Weather played a big part this year . Other teams didn’t bother conceding games .
No way should ladies follow the lead of he men’s game .
Plus we had a situation this year were Dublin we’re through to a Leinster final . 1 provincial game is all they will have next year too .
If I gave the reason why one round of league fixtures were called off people would be shocked

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It’s daft but they’ve won the last two All Irelands …

So it’s ok clubs get shit on?

Clubs always get shit on. Not saying it’s right.

ps What was the reason

Doesn’t mean we have to accept it . Just rolling over and letting players go is not right . Most of them want to play for the club .

Don’t disagree and it will go down the road of men’s if unchecked. But winning two in a row might make the battle harder.

Saw the other - ta!

Up to clubs and club players to demand changes.

Winning two all-Irelands has been a fantastic achievement but the balance has been lost - most clubs saw only one game with all players available from beginning of June to end of September.