Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2020

The forwards barring Carla were poor enough but some are Still learning their trade. I am sure he will make a cut at the end of the league and in fairness he is giving them an opportunity to prove themselves. A number of these forwards are on the panel for several years now and maybe it is time to cut them loose

It’s going to need a massive turnaround in form to beat Galway .
The return from the forward line has simply not been good enough .
Defensively we have been ok. Rode our luck on few occasions but most teams do .

Mick bohan if you are reading please pick Nappers young one corner forward next gamr

She’s not good enough

Best of luck to minors tonight Vs Meath. I hope pattern of recent years doesnt continue…

Minors won 2-11 2-10 very late point to get the win .
One massive call went there way!!

I saw online a disallowed goal. Did they have other good fortune or were they the better team. A sub hit 3 points and freetaker hit most of the rest

Lauren Magee out for 6-8 weeks. Not a whole lot of change in the forwards but maybe 2 weeks of training will make a difference

From number 8 onwards and with the exception of Rowe, it’s a very inexperienced side. Defence is strong however. And the bench has a bunch of Leaving Certers on it. Hopefully they can get something of a result.

You’d have to ask how 1-2 on the bench have not got a chance yet

Even with an under strength Dublin team I’d be expecting a comfortable win against Galway.

Really? I haven’t seen the Galway team. Are they under strength also? Lyndsey ( And IMO Ciara McGuigan ) are the only impact subs that they have. What happened to Lauren Magee? Did that happen in the last game?
I am sure that Bohan knew that he was never going to make a final and it’s a great opportunity for these girls but come champo Normal order will be restored

Galway doing their usual and a lot of players have left the panel since the All Ireland final, that plus injuries have them very unlikely to be in the shake up this year.

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In addition to the more ‘well known’ names that Dublin are missing there’s been little or none of Kate Fitzgibbon, Aoife Kane, Sarah Fagan and others. Of course there may be injuries involved but these girls have more experience than some on the bench for tomorrow.

Only 3 scorers today and 3 points from play :grimacing:

Well I called that result wrong. Didn’t see the game but we must have been poor.

There looks to be a little lack of depth in the squad when you take the regulars for the last few years out.

Was expecting the result tbh.
Galway probably could have won by more if they wanted .
Return from the forward line has been very poor .
Take Carla Rowe contribution (with a lot of frees) out And the rest have simply not chipped in enough .

All considered it could have been a worse result for Dublin. They are missing 9 of their starting 15. Forwards are just lacking experience and a few in fairness will not make the grade. Bohan emptied his bench in the last few minutes putting on the three youngsters.
Whoever takes over from Bohan will have a big job to do because in all likelihood with his departure, 6 or 7 may well retire

Anyone a view on whether the Foxrock situation is healthy for the county in the longer term?