Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2020

Poor performance overall .
Leah Caffrey did well , kicking 2 points .
Most of forward line were poor .

Having seen some of the game on Facebook only I’d say Dublin happy to come away with draw, having been 5 points down and playing so poorly for long period. They will be disappointed they didn’t hold out for the win having gone a point up in injury time they gave the ball away twice when in possession and trying to close the game out.

Shows the importance and the experience of the older girls who were missing today and the levels the other players have to try and get too.

Aisling Maloney put in some performance for Tipp scoring 1-06 of their 1-07.

Two of the debutants were off before half time and a couple of the returnees found going tough also. Leah Caffrey was very good like she was never away. Class is permanent as they say…

Caffreys two points were very good saw them on Facebook. Tough match to make a debut in anyway with it being first match back in January. Team for Mayo match will be interesting may see players such as Sullivan Kane O’Neill and Woods starting

In fairness Bohan gave a few girls an opportunity to prove themselves. Forwards were poor and Carla was the only one keeping the show going. Leah Caffrey did well in defence and was probably the best defender Dublin had. Even when Aisling Moloney was being doubled marked they still couldn’t handle her

Molomey is a savage player in fairness

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Im trying not to insult any of these girls . But I’m baffled as to how some of them are in a Dublin squad let along starting for Dublin . A family member of mine played against one of the players from Sunday about 9months ago and cleaned her out . Trust me neither are near Dublin standards !
Better players within Dublin , maybe they are not interested, players on bench Sunday some would have offfered more .

I assume you won’t enlighten us on who that player is. First day out of the league is a tough game as your debut. Surely nerves etc could be considered as a factor. Surely players wouldn’t be involved if the management didn’t see them as good enough to be involved

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I am inclined to agree with you. He was missing 7-8 of his “starting 15” and the majority of these are pushing thirty and more. I feel that we have a real problem when these girls hang up their boots for Dublin. There just isn’t another Sinead Ahern or a Lyndsey etc etc on the horizon. Plenty of athletes but not enough footballers. We haven’t won an underage national title in 8 years and we are some years struggling to win Leinster titles. I am not sure what the solution is but we have a problem down the line

Interesting article yesterday from Cliodhna O’Connor who would obviously be close to Dublin over the last few years


To quote her ’ If we want to raise the standard of our intercounty game then the structure that transitions players from 17- and 18-year-olds to senior intercounty players needs improving

There appears to be a pattern where some girls transition from Dublin Minor teams but quickly disappear within the first few years and others are even lost fully to the game. There certainly is a lack of structure in managing this process.

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Have seen Kate Sullivan come on in a few games and shes well able to kick a score. Is Caoimhe O’Connor not in prime position to be the next Sinead Aherne ?


Only 2 changes and 1 in the forward line. I’d be expecting a Mayo win here

Mayo are also missing a number of starters gone down under for AFL so Dublin have a chance. Though not enough fire power up front.

Good away win for the girls .
Mayo poor enough.
Carla Rowe kicking a lot of the scores .

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Over reliance on Carla up front. Not much coming from the other 5 and against a poor Mayo side

Strong cork team named for saturday especially in the forwards. Dublin will need to be a lot sharper up top if they’re to have any chance of winning

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I would expect to see Lyndsey to come on as soon as it gets tough. He is putting on a strong a team as he has available. Can’t see many of those forwards featuring in the championship though. Would love to see Ciara McGuigan getting a run soon. She was v good underage. And very dominant for her club

Is it really strongest team? All star and all star nominee from last year on the bench. A big test for Orlagh Nolan but good to see O’Connor start