Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2020

Are you sure those not started are fully fit ?? Surely league exposure is needed for any it all players who could take the girls in championship

Olwyn Carey is the biggest loss I feel to this group

Club performance or the level you play at with club means f all to this management team.
Clearly some players don’t appear to be in the frame. Maybe it’s the club they are from … maybe coming from a particular underage county group is a benefit ?

They’ve won 3 All Ireland’s in a row. They must be doing something right.

They have and credit to them . Butt this Dublin team reminds me of Kerry of 85/86. A lot of these girls have been around for 9/10 years . There could be massive turn around in players in the next 12 months . Look at how Gavin kept blooding players .


Is girls match being televised tonight

2 weeks off now and Dublin will need to find some forwards and fast or there will be no league final. Did lauren Magee go off injured last night?

She did looked in pain . Dislocated shoulder or collarbone I’d say .
Weather was poor I can accept that being taken into account . Personally imo it hides the fact some are not good enough.

I agree that we need to start getting more scores from our forwards but to be fair some of the ball going into them last night was atrocious. If the passes weren’t being ballooned up in the air to small forwards then they were being delayed so much that the bit of separation the forwards were achieving was gone again by the time the ball came in. I know that in the modern game possession is king but sometimes the quick ball into a player in space is a lot more useful than a dozen sideways passes on the 45 slowing everything up, especially when very few of our players can kick scores from the distance required to beat the screen most defenses set up.

Beating Galway next day out is a must for Dublin. Maybe some more players will be available/fit by then(are Dublin naming unfit players as subs at the moment??)

The forwards barring Carla were poor enough but some are Still learning their trade. I am sure he will make a cut at the end of the league and in fairness he is giving them an opportunity to prove themselves. A number of these forwards are on the panel for several years now and maybe it is time to cut them loose

It’s going to need a massive turnaround in form to beat Galway .
The return from the forward line has simply not been good enough .
Defensively we have been ok. Rode our luck on few occasions but most teams do .

Mick bohan if you are reading please pick Nappers young one corner forward next gamr

She’s not good enough

Best of luck to minors tonight Vs Meath. I hope pattern of recent years doesnt continue…

Minors won 2-11 2-10 very late point to get the win .
One massive call went there way!!

I saw online a disallowed goal. Did they have other good fortune or were they the better team. A sub hit 3 points and freetaker hit most of the rest

Lauren Magee out for 6-8 weeks. Not a whole lot of change in the forwards but maybe 2 weeks of training will make a difference

From number 8 onwards and with the exception of Rowe, it’s a very inexperienced side. Defence is strong however. And the bench has a bunch of Leaving Certers on it. Hopefully they can get something of a result.

You’d have to ask how 1-2 on the bench have not got a chance yet

Even with an under strength Dublin team I’d be expecting a comfortable win against Galway.