Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2022

Bohan back on board for 2022. Good news for Dublin.

Interesting to see if there’s any retirements over the next few weeks and months.

I’ve heard of 2 so far .

Care to share?

Brilliant call from Dublin lgfa to appoint Fintan O’Curry, Denise Masterson and Louise Kidd as Minor management. This is a great boost and badly needed to help regain some underage silverware hopefully

Might be best not to …… yet !

Were they not told yet ?

Well I’m not announcing the retirement of two players!
That up to them or the county board .

I think it’s pretty obvious who the two are if you read in between the lines and comments made in 2020 but I could be wrong.

Leagues starting this weekend. No official word on any retirements from the group or any changes to the management… Waterford away in first game. You would expect a Dublin win but hard to know with so little known about the squad…

Jen Dunne did an interview for a colleges sponsorship announcement there last week. Said the same group were all back.

Lyndsey Davey in a GPA promotional video this week, must be back also.

McEvoy played little or no part in Syls run outside of Dublin in the intermediate championship. Anyone know why?

I am assuming she was injured. Think she came off hurt in one of the Leinster games iirc.

Expect Sinead Aherne will take a break after the club run if she is coming back…

U would expect no news is good news on the retirement front!!!

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Owens in the gaa/lgfa mitsubishi promo also this year.

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I don’t know if you can read too much into those things sometimes… Ashling Moloney from Tipp involved in the Lidl league promotion today and she isn’t playing for Tipp this year.

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Didn’t think there’d be any doubts about her involvement?

Fair enough if she needs a few weeks rest after the club run but I expect her to be in the starting team come championship.

Kate Sullivan to mail a starting place this year?

She wasn’t on the panel last year


I believe McEvoy won’t be playing at all this year.

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Nutritionist starting midfield. Sullivan and Owens haven’t taken much time off

First team of the year announced. Lots of change!!