Dublin Senior Ladies Football 2022

For all or merely for the inter county players ?
Asking for a friend !

jaysus don’t let sports Gemma hear you say that. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget GAA for Mams , funding should be split to ensure they receive full backing full three way split


Cork win minor football and camogie with 5 duals starting. Galway who they beat in football and camogie had 2 duals starting.can dublin learn something from cork and galway??


Is there junior H ladies club football in dublin?

Cleaning up this conversation - I have no idea of the details here but don’t feel it’s appropriate for people to speculate here.


Ah Jaysus, was halfway through reading it but had to take a break and came back to this🤦
Could have given me another few minutes Tayto😂


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Just to get somewhat back on track, camogie finals this Sunday. A traditional Cork v Kilkenny final as Marty thrilled during the Cats semi. No disrespect intended to any other county by Marty I’m sure …

Cats for me.

You are miles off track.

This is the Dublin Ladies Football thread not a Camogie thread ! Would you seriously post a comment re a Hurling matter on a Football thread?

NO…I knew you wouldn’t. Thanks

Look up top there like a good man.

Should’ve gone to Specsavers …

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So it seems likely with the lack of playing time Sinead Aherne will retire. Lyndsey Davey I still think can give something to the team if she wants to come back but that’s her decision of course. Probably less likely if it’s a new management team as well.

Let’s get the discussion back to the football and players that it deserves .

Senior championship starts this Wednesday. How do we see the games panning out ?


Hard to know what the form is going to be like, starting off with a repeat of last years final is great.

Think Na Fianna might find out on top this time

Thread already open?