Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016

I see the senior team beat Laois by a cricket score in the 1st round of the Leinster c/ship. Any reports? How are we fixed for this season?

In fairness the u21’s who won the All Ireland the previous week would’ve
hammered them.This was a great chance to give the younger girls in the squad
a good chunk of game-time and give them some hope that they can get a starting
jersey.Most of the u21’s play for the top team in their club yet they sit on the bench
for every county game when in reality a good Dublin club Team could win Leinster.

Another Leinster final won and still we don’t know what the rest of the panel
are like,same faces all the time.All these girls bust a gut in training and still
no game.Why don’t we put the second 15 out once and see what they are like
and if ye feel we need a bit more,then add the more experience players to help
because thats the only way you will keep the panel together going forward
although its too late now,its a pity as we have a few crackers on the line to
choose from.From here on in the rest of the panel may as well go on their hols as they
won’t be getting any football? SAD!!! What a waste of talent.

Has been the same problem with the senior squad for the last couple of years, The management seem to view anyone outside the top 20 as training fodder and nothing else. It’s very disheartening for players on the extended squad that are putting in the hours at training and not seeing any game time.

Some girls have already walked from the panel due to this set-up and also some refuse to
put their name forward for selection because of this very situation.This will be problem for the next Manager as ye can’t expect these girls to wait in the hope that someday they might get 5 min.As
it is the management should count themselves lucky that the girls through their commitment are
turning up and giving it all in training knowing they won’ get a game.Some after their nearly 2 yrs
their with barely 5-10 playing time league or c/ship.I’m delighted they won Leinster but it’s hardly rocket
science to know leinster is a doddle as the constant hammerings would tell ye.The easiest thing is to
pick squad,the hardest part is to keep them all on board and feel they have contributed which this
management have constantly overlooked during their tenure.KEEP THE HEADS UP GIRLS!

What do you want the management to do though?

They are winning games and playing the best players and won’t be a million miles off again this year, it’s not like they aren’t playing the best players. It’s up to the girls themselves to make the call whether to hang around knowing they won’t get competitive game time.

I agree that they are winning matches and will continue to do just until the real teams come out to play.
The point I was trying to make is that their is never a fear about losing in Leinster,hasn’t been for years
which is the reason to give the panel a chance to lay claim to a jersey or whats the point in having them.
Obviously you have the same thought process as the management,we don’t care whether ye bust your gut
every week at training ye won’t be playing.And your point about playing the best players is debatable
also,Players that play against weaker opposition will always look like the best players.Be honest 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there is not very encouraging when your crucifying teams in Leinster every

Are you one of the girls not getting game time??? :yum:

I’ve probably the same logic all right as Greg and his management team as they see who’s going well in training and in challenge games. They obviously don’t think all players are able to do same job as the ones that are getting competitive game time and are trying to get the core group as much game time together as possible.
We all know they play the same 18/19 all the time but I think these are a good bit ahead of the others. It’s probably up to the players themselves who aren’t getting game time to leave the panel but you get some people who love being on the county side and don’t see game time and are happy this way.

Imagine being U14 and being told that an entire round of fixtures was being postponed to facilitate a friendly, yes a friendly, the county team were playing. Why is there an U14 county team? Why is there an U14 All Ireland championship?

Ladies Football has far bigger problems than some girls, who can walk away any time they like, not getting game time.

You’re love of ladies football holds no bounds!!

With due respect cancelling ALL AU14 games FOR A FRIENDLY is about the worst decision I’ve ever heard of.

I don’t think anyone would argue with you on that.

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news to me if a the fixtures were all pulled . Happens where games are moved from a Friday /Saturday to a Monday to accommodate clubs that have county players .
Instead of moaning about it Alan why don’t you go to a county board meeting and speak up . There is one tonight . Plus Vincent’s are pretty much never there so there would be room for you . !

Thanks. I did my time. Fifteen odd years as a delegate, CCC member, chairperson. That part of my life is over.

It happened. It’s completely ridiculous. 13 year olds playing All Ireland’s is even more ridiculous. One thing I am proud of is that in my time on CCC2 clubs game first. They still do. Clearly not the case with the ladies. And a terrible pity.

As I said games are moved . Weather clubs abuse it is another matter .
I totally agree with club coming first and in many cases it’s abused by county managers . …and some clubs use it as an excuse
If you forward on the details of this blanked postponement (dates etc ) I’ll gladly make enquires on the matter.
I’ve no issue with Dublin having an u14 team it’s in ladies football and that’s that . If Vincent’s had a player good enough to play on that team are you saying she would not be put forward , or you would object ?

I object on principle to the notion of a competitive county team at U14. If someone from Vincents has a daughter good enough then that’s their business.

The date I’m not sure of but it was in the last six weeks or so. A parent who has a daughter on the team told me. He was utterly baffled by it and thought it was quite ridiculous that an entire slate of fixtures
would be called off just like that. He has a son who was on development squads so he was somewhat taken aback at the blanket call off of fixtures for a friendly.

Just had a quick look through the u14 leagues there Alan . From 1-5 all finish no games outstanding .
The last division there are about 3-4 games to be played . As none of the teams in that division had players in Dublin squad I can’t see how there games would be called off ( unless teams asked and agrees for it )

I don’t doubt the person who told me. When it was and what date the games were moved to I don’t know but I have no doubt they were moved. We’re talking about someone very involved in Dublin GAA who would be very supportive of ladies football for obvious reasons with a daughter that talented. I’ll ask him again but we’ll have to park it for now as I won’t get to talk to him for a couple of weeks.

Your date don’t add up . Sorry but your friend is going off misinformation .
The Leinster final was played a full four weeks ago . The leagues were finished weeks before that .
However there was talk of a top four / bottom four playoff , as was done in years past . Unfortunately this was not voted on at the start of the year meaning that they could not go ahead .
Id imagine that’s were your friend got his info from .
As Dublin 14s /16s had challenge games where players were not there as there clubs needed them .