Dublin SHC 1 2023

Group game

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What’s the format? Top through to semis, second and third into a quarter?

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Yes & bottom two into a play off with losers going down

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With the form vins are in group 2 looks deadly.

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  • Crokes
  • Cuala
  • Lucan

Group 2:

  • Boden
  • NaFianna
  • Vins

A lot depends on how many are away for the summer. Whitehall, Brigids, Faughs and OPER going to struggle for results v the opt teams probably.

Fixtures on Dublin GAA website

Bye held their own last year


OPER will be delighted to start with boden again this year.

Some seriously tasty games in there, hopefully, early rounds are not as impacted as last year with absentees, felt the championship wasn’t as high standard as the last few years.

I wonder what chance of matches on Dubstv etc? Yes, love live matches but to be able to see games that you missed would be great. Be worth a few bob imho.

They showed 2 per round last year, assume they’ll do the same again, games typically get between 2,000 and 8,000 views on YouTube which shows what a massive marketing tool they are (when you consider there’s usually only a few hundred at the games).

Ideally, they’d do even more, SHC2 or 3 would be great.


Most of those online viewers are in Connecticut.

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Didn’t we all ?