Dublin SHC 1 2023

The likes of Barrog , Craobh , Judes wouldnt be too bad bad up there and are Divsion 1 teams

Theres still some hidings with 10 teams

The lower end teams would get an extra competitive game and it would avoid the Lucan situation of hanging around

Im sure most teams and certainly Lucan would have rathered play a team above rather than sitting on their hole on a bye week


Did they both go 6 weeks without a competitive game?

How would you determine which 5 matches each team plays?

You are having a laugh with that comment. The CCC run the show. Not the clubs…witness the “fun” around EP among other non-player regulations

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Lucan going well to compete at underage with Crokes but need to start translating into senior success. Have the numbers but have never seemed to get it together at Senior level. Boden look to be going through a lull period at underage and Cualas best days are gone. Na Fianna need to win one with this lot soon as not much in pipe line. Crokes have benefitted from Col Eoin teams as did Cuala before them. No other club has a school competing at that level.

I agree 6 weeks isn’t ideal if the group winners happen to have their bye in the last round of games. I’m not a fan of the bye but I also think winning a competitive group and being rewarded with a semi final spot is useful

I’m not having a laugh at all. Everything, format, byelaws, regulations etc, is decided by the clubs at Annual Convention or County Board and then handed over to CCC to run.

Current format has definitely reduced amount of heavy beatings , but, bye rounds have also left some Teams with lengthy waits between rounds.


And that hasn’t happened with 10

I fixed that for you …to reflect the truth. Most clubs don’t bother to attend Convention and by the time it is held most decisions have already been made

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Random draw after each round. Only condition being you can’t play the same team twice, otherwise luck of the draw

My own view is there should only be 8. Top two into semi finals. Bottom 2 into relegation playoff s.
Having 12 only increases the hammering s.

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Way too small for a county with the number of registered hurlers in Dublin and that only really benefits the big teams long term. Dublin isn’t Carlow or Laois.

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Putting more teams up to get hammered does them no good I don’t think. If a team is good enough to get up they will get there in time. Although there’s hammerings in every championship in the country so I suppose they could put in more teams. You’ll never keep everyone happy no matter what way you do it😂.

Whitehall and Faughs drawn in relegation gives one of the newly promoted teams a chance to stay up which is nice for the winner. Although looking at results I can’t imagine faughs will win it or want to be in the A again next year.

The A will eventually just be for the clubs with massive numbers and then the odd few clubs popping in and out when they’ve a good batch but not consistently. The way it is at underage.


Tasty double header in Parnell the Sunday.
Might try pop along for that.
Sure where else would ya want to spend your 40th!!!


40 is the new 30 lad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: enjoy :+1:t2:


should be two good games, would fancy Boden to win the first one, probably Crokes in the second

Think Whitehall will win the first one, no idea on the second TBH, if Brigids get one or two of the lads back they’re a different proposition.

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So maybe Hetherton ended up with 0-14 after all. Also in the round up Cian McBride was given the 3rd goal rather than Andrew Gilroy so that means all 3 McBride’s goaled on the weekend.

FT St Vincents 3-26 Faughs 1-13 (missing 2 Vincents points and 1 Faughs point)

St Vincents - John Hetherton 0-14 (0-12f), Rian McBride 1-1, Darach McBride and Cian McBride 1-0 each, Neal Billings 0-3, James Mulcahy and Daniel Peel 0-2 each, Sean Mulcahy and Conor Burke 0-1 each

Faughs - James O’Brien 0-6 (0-4f), David Croke 1-0, Emmet McKenna, Conor O’Shea, Carl O’Mahony, Colm Foley, Liam Mostyn, Niall Fitzgibbon 0-1 each


12 frees v 4 frees…rather unbalanced or is Hedgo that much better a free taker than O’Brien ?