Dublin SHC 3 2023

Someone shot JR.

He deserved it the way he treated poor Swelling

Was that not the grassy knoll where it all happened…

Is fairness CCC has referees report and video of match, people who stepped out of line will be sanctioned and have their hearing in the correct forum.




Do they include that video in their reports?

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Once relevant CCC Committee review the Referees report, if CCC deem further investigation is required, they quickly write to both teams Club Secretaries asking them to submit the teams Match Video recordings, if available, plus answer questions and where applicable, identify certain individuals.

Clubs comply with these requests as to do otherwise, the implications are very serious.


I have replied to you twice with scorers but I keep getting a "failed " message.Just to let you know that I am not ignoring you.


@BaileMunna431 Can you take a screengrab of that error if/when you get it please, i have a guy going to look at the site so the more info i can give him the better.

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Fionntain magib 10pts (5fs) Sean O Riain 2/4 (2fs) Dean cullen Dean Memory John Casey Luke Kelly 0/1

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you post via email? …

… I didnt even know you could do that!!!

If the email address is noreply@something.com it’s not meant to be replied to and will probably bounce :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t think I had setup reply by email, might look into it.