Dublin The Hurling County

My da reckoned if Dublin had won that, Dublin would have become a hurling county. A team of mostly Dubs. Achill Boothman, centre back, died this week. Legend has it he was the only hurler ever to wear an ear-ring in Croke Park!


Mick Mackey had both nipples pierced.

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Ah hee-or! Leave ir’ ou!

And guess where else…

Red Alert!

You boll** now I’ve to clean up coffee off floor…

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Ah no. Daithi Regan. Christ no. That ruins it for me.

Dublin are going to break through at some stage .Its only a matter if time .We need to build on the success of Cuala . To put the idea in kids heads that if a non traditional hurling county like us could produce a club team & win 2 club championships back to back , then we should be able to compete at inter county . I remember in '11 too , was it the “drive for five” . Was it that year the hurling minors & 21s got close to winning it . Our seniors got to a semi too ?
Not 100% on that because obviously i was following the football more with the minors & seniors in the AI football final.
I dont see anything wrong with using a strong club team been the backbone of the inter county team like Cuala . CC , Kilkenny & Con are huge losses to the hurlers . We would definitely be more competitive with them in the team . I think we are on the right path now with Gilroy . Very unlucky in the early stages .
We can only get better as they say , as long as the structures are in place with good hurling people .


I have heard the same from people down here who were at that game that that defeat killed hurling in Dublin and they told me that with regret.
Liam Devaney who passed away recently was the main reason Tipp held out that day too.


I’ve often heard that too. Maybe beating Galway in the football two years later also knocked Dublin hurling back. Though that win didn’t do much for us in the big ball either for the following 11 years.


And I was wrong. Achill was midfield/forward. I will review my sources!

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Ferguson & Foley , those names are very familiar .Where they Vincents men . Its triggering a memory from Heffos book by Liam Hayes.

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Yes Lar Foley and Des “snitchie” Ferguson we’re Vincents. Brother Willie Ferguson as well as capt noel Drumgoole.
Norman Allen was in US and huge loss.
Few of the lads from that final still with us TG… snitchie, Willie and the great jimmy gray.

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No wonder he was so whrishty

If only’s and whataboutery is a national pastime in Ireland, especially in hurling and outside-Dublin football. Nothing wrong with that but you could say the same about stuff like Dublin’s 95 football win, alot of people did. In fact what it actually meant was we had a 16 year (equal to our longest ever) spell in the doldrums, as against what may have turned into a 28 year one. Either way you cant say we won in 2011 and went on to have a great era because we won in 95. Maybe it helped. How many years without Sam does it have to be to be interpreted as leading to a much longer time? Very arbitrary.

You could also say that the 95 win made Dublin GAA people complacent that we could always win one anytime we have a good team. THat didn’t happen in the 00s. The bottom line has to be a county board doing all the right the things, and enough players of some sort of talent wanting to put in the commitment as well, and having the opportunity to do so, and all that stuff that can’t be completely taken for granted but is. And a bit of luck.

Luck made by the likes of MDMA with his two great interceptions, made by Giller with his choices and decisions and everything else, Micky Whelan’s forward-thinking input (and yes, both of them with experience of winning an All-I). Luck that they were chosen to do the job in the first place against many odds, when everyone was crying out for a big name from beyond the boundaries, and luck that after the 09 humiliation and the 5 goals defeat to Meath in 2010, not to mention the farcical game Vs Wexford, that the team and CB didn’t give up on the mgmt.

Luck made by Kerry pushing up (as teams may not do in this current era) to kill off the game. Made by Dublin keeping their structure and discipline and not panicking even when looking buried at 63 minutes after Kerry had won every ball for the previous 15 minutes and outscored us 7-0, or 8-1 or whatever it was. Kerry not going for the kill when they had a man free (KYoung) in a great position who decided to recycle it for Gooch and the chance was gone (though another day the ref might have given Gooch a free, even though it wasn’t one).

Luck made by Kev charging through the middle with only one thing on his mind and the determination, and ability, and conviction, and belief, and call it bravery or madness to do it. Perfect side-step at pace, and hit the low shot with full power into the optimal spot. Getting away with an extra step or two. Keeper not getting lucky or pulling off a wonder save. Anyway all those things balance out.

Luck that Connolly held and used possession so brilliantly throughout the last 8 minutes or so. That Kevin Nolan of all people did what he did with that equalising score that was really the score as much as the goal that made the win possible, in that if Kerry had got the next one, or Dublin didn’t score again quickly after the goal, odds were on Kerry getting one, and Dublin at best scrambling for a draw.
Luck that MDMA and BBrogan made a brilliant score to take the lead. That O’Gara had learned to fulfill a support role in the way he did.

That Ger Brennan didn’t get sent off, which would have affected our swarming withdrawn back system, not to mention his experience and other influence. That KYoung fumbled a simple ball in acres of space in midfield when Kerry were 4 up that resulted in him turning back and allowing that chance for the McCauley interception.
Bad luck that Donaghy kicked one of the wonder scores of all time to bring Kerry level but then instead of hanging on to win we had to choose and we chose to go for it. The luck that we won the throw ball, that we got the free, that in the context of everything Cluxton stuck over one of the best kicks ever in a final. That the ref didn’t decide to give Kerry “one more chance” well beyond the allotted time like Mayo have been given the past couple of years.

Perhaps there was the luck that Kerry had a small tincture of complacency at 63 minutes, that was maybe seeded back after our shocking semi-final scramble, and their own fairly cruising, high-scoring one. That a waft of air took BJK’s audacious point attempt late on just wide, at the point when it looked like going over.

If ever a game of gah should be used for a re-make of the famous movie The Sting, that surely was it.


my Father in law was at that match and is another who says tipp were lucky to get through in the end

here is footage of it

interestingly my mother in law’s uncle was phil farrell who was a member of the dublin all ireland winning team of 1938. he was a member of faughs and had a pub in parnell street towards summerhill where there is an apartment block now. I pass his old home place in tipp almost daily.


I was raised on stories that Dublin would have won that day but for the sending of Lar Foley. To such an extent that it isn’t a hypothesis in my mind, it’s a fact even though I wasn’t there. But the years have a way of making things more definite then they probably were.

People talk of the hurlers that went on to play football etc. and were lost to hurling. But probably the best underage hurler I ever saw in Dublin, and was also lost to hurling, was young Des (son of Des, nephew of Lar), who never really hurled after minor due to injury and work commitments.


My da taught Lar and Des and said Des was as good as any hurler in Ireland at that time.


I caught the end of their playing days, and even then they were both head and shoulders above everyone at the time.

I thought I was being sort of ironic! Almost all that I detailed was not luck, most of it very far awy from being luck. My point was that in the context of nearly winning that hurling All-I in 1961 being talked of as the difference in history od gaelic sport in Dublin, as if with a bit of luck that all would have been different, well you make your own luck, and without that you don’t win an All-I

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