Dublin U20 Football 2021

First game of the new year for our u20 footballers. Venue away in Dunganny against Meath, Saturday 4th January. Not a bad spin across for what should be a good game and a chance for supporters to get a look at the players coming up the line.


Any idea of the panel for this year? Archer is still eligible but is he getting a run out with the seniors? Anyhone else eligible from last year?

Really no idea who is on the panel this year or what kind of a team will put out. Pick all the info tomorrow.

Our minors haven’t been great in recent years ,so it’s unlikely the u20 team this year will be winning any titles. Hope I’m wrong.

In previous years there were trial games , club secretary would receive a call asking if anyone to put forward , to my knowledge nothing similar happened this year heard of no trial games , I had heard prior to early December there wasn’t a management team in place , this all could be a legacy the senior management appointment.
I do know that hurling under 20s in December held three trial games
So unless I’m mistaken I’d say they will go with tried n trusted from previous squads
That’s how I would read it of course I could be wrong

There were trials for either the minors or u20s in Blanch It before Christmas. Saw one match in a double header of trial games and it wasn’t a great standard tbh

As I said I was open to correction ,I do believe it was a bit more low key than previous years
Fingers crossed they get the right squad regardless

Same management team in place as last year.
They were out watching a lot of minor championship matches this year.
Our club got a call for 10 players to attend trials, there were numerous trial sessions in December from what I heard.
6 Castleknock players made the panel.

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They were for next year’s minors. 15 & 16 year olds in the freezing cold is no place to judge. Not too many year 2000 lads on the team, about 7/8 but 1 big surprise on the team, I won’t mention his name but imo he was always a better Gaelic player than a butler.

Hurler or butler, he was better at football.

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I hope I’m wrong Hubie , but hope some lads born in 2000 who chose hurling two years ago haven’t been sidelined , poor way of doing business if so judging by the numbers quoted , under Farrell it was far more open and transparent IMO for example my club got the invitation sent two forward for trial one lad made it got game time

I don’t know think Tom Gray fancyed the 2000 lads as only had 4/5 in both minor 2017 & last year’s u20s.

Wasnt impressed with last years u20 management team. What happened to Collie Moran & Whelan been involved with Development level

Was talking to a man down in Clare last week who son called up to Clare u20s. Turned it down as would be training 5 times a week. Can see why so many players as walking away from inter county with crazy schedules like this.

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Wrong thread but just on your point Stato- Philip Mahony retired from Waterford at 29.

  1. the ferris wheel of inter county is in a never ending spin … walsh cup games pre christmas… u20 teams starting training in october … only now the hamsters are getting off the wheel

You must be hard to please.

Leinster Champions and got to the All Ireland Final. Not sure what the management team could have done a bout the 3 goals conceded in less than 10 minutes in the first half of that final.


Dublin v Meath first Half 20mins Dublin 1-05 Meath 0-03

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Half time :
Dublin 2-08 Meath 1-04


Any word on the Dublin team?