Dublin U20 Football 2022

2022 U20 Football Championship starts in early April.

Might not be a long campaign for Dublin if Meath fulfill their potential but we’ll see. Whoever wins Leinster this year will have as good of a shot as anyone to win the whole thing.

Any whisper of a panel?

Where’s that dude on here who throws out 40 names when you need him?


You left out the word random judging on previous contributions.


Will Dublin beat wicklow . U17 form how much relevance it has at this level . Hard to gauge

Ger Dodrill?


What year minor is this group


The way things are going, the managers will be asking each other that just before the games start.

The 2022 Dublin U20 Football Management team is made up of:


Jim Lehane (St Oliver Plunketts Eoghan Ruadh)


Frank McNamee (Ballyboden St Enda’s)

Ger Lyons (O’Dwyers)

Declan Lally (St Oliver Plunketts Eoghan Ruadh)

Brendan O Brien (Trinity Gaels)

Derek Byrne ( Ballymun Kickhams)

Gk Coach

Paul Copeland (St Judes)

S&C Coach

Tommy Mooney

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Thought lehane is Crokes

Not too sure. He won intermediate championship with Plunketts in 01 and was involved in management team with their senior team after that. He was Dublin minor manager in 2019.

Is he seen as a future senior manager ?

This is the problem with our system in my view


This format is where manager from development squad takes u20. Don’t see this management group as senior management. This is where losing develop future senior managers. Most of top senior teams are bringing in senior managers from outside the county.

Have said many a time before the change from u21 to 20 has hindered development of players through to senior squad.


In short, no

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I would bet big money that the next senior manager will be either an ex-player from the group we had over the last 12 years or else somebody on the management side from that group coming back for another go, Gilroy, D’arcy or Gavin. I cant see any other real options outside of that.


Would Tommy Conroy be a contender?

The Minor '19 team played some really good football. Was calling for his name last year. Glad he’s getting a chance now after Tom Gray’s tenure ended. Ger Lyons from O’Dwyers was the Dublin minor football manager last year.

So is this the 2019 u17 team ?

I get confused

I think so. Got beaten by Mayo in QF.


Anyone notice the new version of crest o’neills are using