Dublin U20 Football 2022

Darragh Dempsey is Crokes. Luke is not.

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It was Luke Ward I was thinking of

Think the other buck is Ballinteer. Fagan is Tarf.

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A lot of them from minor 2020 group so they would be 19?


Who are they hiding information from? All they are doing is generating less interest within their own county.

It also impacts the lads who are involved ever proving to their kids in the years to come that they played for Dublin at 20s🤣


Conor Dolan was Man O War before moving to Na Fianna I believe.

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He is still Man Of War I think

Breathnach ballinter and kinsella ravens as far as I know

I didn’t know he moved club

He didn’t

It must have made the back pages in Connecticut.


Ravens have had a few players on Minor and 20s teams over the last few years, something brewing out there again?

It must be a different Conor Dolan then. It’s the Shane Carthy’s and James Madden’s all over again. :upside_down_face:

Half time in Parneller: Dublin 0-8 Kildare 1-4. Dubs playing against the wind in second half.

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Full time. Dublin 0-14 Kildare 2-8. Dubs 5 up halfway through second half. Lost their way and had to score last two points to pinch a draw.


Any team list available or was everyone there sworn to secrecy.

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All fans had to sign an NDA on the way in


What is an NDA or did you sign something that means you cannot tell us what it is?

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People were allowed into the game ?
I’m surprised the subs were not told to sit in the gym and use it as a bullpen

Match report from Meath game.