Dublin U20 Hurling 2019

u20 gone back to straight knockout

As well as the minors playing two crunch games away, u20s play the winners of the prelim rounds away and if we win that are away to Wexford.

20s should be strong this year if your judging off recent minor teams

Is it the same as football, if you play senior you can’t play 20s,as with Clifford and Kerry ?

We’ve got good players- Keogh,gannon,currie etc

Looking at the team from last year,a lot of players are gone,however there’s u17 AI finalists there, all Ireland semi final teams so we should be in the mix

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Young Derwin that’s on the frees is gonna be the one to watch in that side being on the frees now Seán Currie doesn’t impact game enough and is being found out he’s not as good as meny on this think and showing he’s quick good hurler but takes way to much out of the ball for me he’d be benched and young Ryan be in

He did ok at U21 last year in the earlier rounds, which isn’t too bad for a young lad. But I think the main praise on here has been for Colin.

But this Derwin lad sounds exciting. Who else should be prominent?

Young Derwin gave Tom conolly the run around in senior club champo in Parnell few weeks back and 1 or two other Vincent lads along with young billy Ryan be back in the 15 come champo for the 20s but lee Gannon Will boss games strong hurler and smart on the ball plenty more talent there Currie good hurler but seems to be all about him could cost them in the long run

Seán currie has been found out? scored 3-3 in his last game. scored 1-02 v crokes the match before that and would have had several more but for some uncharastically wayward shooting.

Derwin does look a very good prospect as does Billy Ryan. Really don’t see the need to be putting the boot into Currie like you are. could potentially have a serious forward line on the u20s this year but as always management need to get the balance right and let them play. Derwin was playing out the field for Craobh wasn’t he? Plenty of room for them all.


Lee gannon although not the biggest is a tough player and always was when I seen him play underage.Lots of pace as well and won a minor all star in 2017,a serious young player like many at Whitehall right now

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Gets to the tougher games he shys away seen him in a lot of important games doing nothing but getting bit older might get some more bottle and be a serious player and will help the 20s win an all Ireland this year

Jesus Christ man it’s a nice day outside relax and enjoy yourself no need to be so negative about absolutely everything :joy::joy:


Sounds like the whole U20 team should be from Craobh😂
And the senior team for that matter judging by that thread!


Just my opinion haha

No just few the lads but very surprised there’s not 1 or 2 more from craobh in that senior team but a lot of good lads from some clubs don’t get the chance of it just how it goes seems to be a lot of the tried and trusted doesn’t seem to change much apart from John hetherton this year getting a start from beginning

To the new posters, this is a Dublin supporters forum. We do not call Dublin players useless. By all mean suggest players you think have a case to play but no need to slag anyone off,


You’re well entitled to your opinion of course it’s a forum at the end of the day

But the likes of Keogh,Gannon and Currie who you’ve talked down are all good players,the experience these young lads have aswell is brilliant.These players can do well at 20s this year with the addition of others some of which you’ve mentioned,everyone young lad is going to have a few issues starting off especially at inter county senior,they’ll take time to adapt to the physicality and pace of the game,some of these lads have been given the opportunity to play senior Dublin at such a young age and on good merit too

Remember paddy smyth was thrown into the deep end ? Look at him now he’s a brilliant defender


Sean Currie is a lovely hurler and the type of hurler that Dublin need imo.Not ready for the senior team yet but in one or two years,he could be what we’ve been missing

A very good free-taker as well which is a bonus.The lad has some skill and is wristy.


hopefully he’ll go well at u20 and build from there. A standout at senior club level already.

Ludicrous. Sean Currie is about the best young forward in Dublin at the moment. Benched? He did start for the seniors if I had my way.

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Currie is struggling a little to make the transition to senior club IMO. But there’s plenty of time. Not sure how you would consider leaving him off the under 20s though.