Dublin U20 Hurling 2020

So the u20s might get to have a run this year after all. Looks a very good panel on paper, hopefully they can give a good account of themselves and get a few breaks if/when needed.

Guess on a starting 15 from that??

Tricky to try and select a 15 - not sure thats he best 15 by any means, have picked dunne just to get him on the pitch at midfield but i’m not sure he plays there

Dunphy - Burke - Kinnane
O’Donnell - O’Neill - Gannon
Dunne - Leavy
McSweeney - Grogan - Murray
Ryan - Swan - Purcell

Don’t see Grogan on that list. Strange since he was captain at minor and playing with crokes senior last year. Maybe opted out.

Good spot, Had assumed he was there

I would’ve thought Iain o hÉithir would be a cert.Was Coláiste Eoin’s best player imo.

  1. Hynes
    2.Dunphy 3.Burke 4.Gannon
    5.O’Donnell 6.Grogan 7.Ó hÉithir
    8.Leavy 9.O’Neill
    10.Conall O’Toole 11.Purcell 12.Gibbons
    13.Ryan 14.Swan 15.Ó Ceallaigh

I’ve only seen snippets of these guys tbh. No McSweeney?

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Possibly ahead of O’Toole.Tom Aherne was very good at minor level so he’s another one who could play there.Lots of options.

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Yea there’s plenty of good players on there, just hope we get the best out of them. Unforgiving format.

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Nice draw for lads Vs Antrim/Down in 1st round, avoided both Kilkenny & Galway in the draw. Hopefully they take advantage now.


Power from Fingallians is a contender