Dublin U21 and other teams from yesteryear

The 1980 U21 All Ireland Final loss to Cork.


Starting a new topic. Not a large collection for the U21’s as they were mainly stand alone games. I’ll add in some other stuff as I come across it to fill out the weeks ahead hopefully.


Surely that Dublin team should have won that game
Serious outfit

Two strong teams.
I’d have thought that Jim Roynane was older - a great leader in 1983.

Over half of them were only out of minor though having won the All Ireland in 1979 - O’Leary, Conroy, Wade, Eustace, Boylan, Loftus, Duff and Rock.

We didn’t have great success at u21 level in the 80s
We had good teams 82 84 86 88 minor teams

A 1992 U21 panel that later lost to KILDARE in the Leinster final.

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Know one of the subs well. Must send that to him.


My man reckons Kildare beat them in the Leinster final that year?

The man is correct, lost to Meath the following year. Edited my post above :+1:

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Cleary and Leahy won all Ireland club in 95.

Conor Keegan from Whitehall was, eh a physical, player of both codes.

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This is great lads keep those teams coming its very interesting to look and see who made those teams and see those years

Sub keeper Colm Nally went on to play senior for Louth and is current selector/coach with Meath

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Conor was 1 half of a good commentary for Whitehall- Vinnie’s in champo stream .

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I heard a story that when Colm worked in Leinster House he got chatting with one of the TDs about football and mentioned his u21 exploits with Dublin and then asked the TD did he play himself. A bit says your man - I’ve 5 All Ireland medals. It was Jimmy Deenihan.


Bit like Mark Vaughan and Seamus Moynihan.

What happened there :man_facepalming:

Vaughan didn’t know who Seamus Moynihan was after he skinned him in a match

1993 Leinster final loss to Meath.

Strong team and panel there with the 93 vintage, very “competitive” half back line to say the least.