Dublin U21 Club Football Championship

Anyone know when 21 football and hurling starting

Under 21 Club Championships. The CCC is organizing Under 21 Club Championships in Football and Hurling on Saturday afternoons commencing mid to late October. Please note that the CCC will decide on the number of championships in each code and grade teams accordingly. It may not be possible to meet all preferences.

Due to the unusual circumstances this year the Under 21 Club Championships will coincide with Inter-county Senior, Under 20, and Minor Championships in both codes. As a result, Clubs entering the Under 21 Club Championships do so on the understanding that they must play their Under 21 Club Championship fixtures without their players who are part of a Dublin Inter-county Senior, Under 20, or Minor panel.

Under 21 Championships are 15 a side competitions, but CCC will allow games to be played 13 a side or 14 a side where a team is short of players. In that case, the team with the greater number of players may use up to 20 players in a game.

All games in the Under 21 Championships are play or concede. No postponements granted.

Entries for Under 21 Football and Hurling Club Championships close at 5 pm on Monday, October 5th next. Late entries cannot be accepted!


They’ll hardly start this the 1st week in November even if it was possible will they?

There was supposed to be a draw last night as far as I know , for lads sake hope an announcement is made one way or the other

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Will all depend on Croke Pk allowing club activity resume once they get their moolah from the government

All 21’s scrapped…