Dublin U21 Hurling 2016

How are the u21s shaping up this year?

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Its not for the lack of effort that has been put in. Just a shame that the senior players, especially the bench warmers, aren’t released to the U21s more often.

Or the 21’s are released to their clubs more often :wink:

Sure didn’t Dessie show is all that refusing to let players play at all was the way forward :wink:

Sure they are only young lads. They need as much cotton wool as possible and 7/8 months together before their first competitive game

Should be a decent team though… Will Con O Callaghan be available?

Not on the panel I believe.

wow - probably the correct call to be fair, if lads can;t train with the u21s there’s no point in being avliable really - this should be brought in as a rule across the board.

Selected football, hence no hurling.

oh right, i was mixing the two cian and con O’Callaghan brudders up.

If Dublin U21’s beat Wexford on June 1st, they are fixed to meet Kilkenny/ Westmeath on June 15th.
Presuming its Kilkenny where is this fixture likely to be? Can it be Parnell?

Kilkenny as they were in Parnell last year.

Hearing from our own lads that the setup is going well but we saw last year how brilliant/cruel this competition can be. They will be up against it in that Wexford have 10/11 from last years team which got to the all ireland final. Really hope they push on as I really like Joe fortune and the type of hurling he brings to teams. Anyone care to take a stab at a team we might have available?

Not on the panel. Concentrating on football fully.

Think they will be decent enough, but Ryan MacBride and Cian Boland will be a big loss.
Still, we probably will have 7 or 8 from last year also.

Whats up with those two?

MacBride broken wrist, not sure about Cian but he has not been able to train for quiet a while.

There seems to be no mention anywhere of what Cian Bolands injury is, usually you hear some general area of the body mentioned.

If Dublin had everyone here they could make a right cut at it this championship. With the injuries it is a bit more of an uphill struggle.

with a 7 month training frame- they should be flying.

I think they will be reasonably strong. As usual, getting goals may prove difficult.
Would also worry about not getting the 50/50 decisions and home support will be a big boost for them.
Really hope it goes well for our lads as they have an awful lot of work put into this.!