Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017

2017 Draw;

Kildare v Carlow
Wexford v Offaly
Westmeath v Laois
Dublin v Kilkenny

What better time to meet the Cats!!!

Wow. That’s ridiculous. One of the two best teams gone after the first round. Why is this not seeded like the senior draw? Could potentially lead to two very one sided semis or a very one sided final

They beat us well at minor in 2014. Be interesting to see what we make of them next year.


Wow indeed. Will that be at a neutral venue, or in Parnell Park?

I could be wrong but think they started doing alternative home and away so if that’s the case we will be away as last meeting was in Parnell.

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A selection playing DCU tonight apparently. Anybody know where and what time?

Not supposed to be training or playing till March 1st :wink::wink::wink:

Must be a “development squad” so!!!


got it in one

Getting sick of the blatant dishonesty.

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It’s ok though only Ger Cunningham gets slated for blatant disregard of the protcols

Well if it makes you feel any better I think it is absolutely ridiculous that these rules are breached like this without a word from those higher up. But then when you say that people insist that they need all that training. It’s more of what is being talked about on the other thread. Too much managerial power.

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It’s not an insistence that they need the training. i just don’t believe senior inter county players should be asked to serve club and county at the same time. The problem with the GAA is that it has same structure since 1884.

I don’t believe taking 25 players out of the thousands of club players in Dublin somehow renders club action redundant like some.

John Allen suggested the same answer last summer Bart

It’s time for me to retire then so:grinning:

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Sure weren’t KK openly playing their under 21 team in the opening rounds of the Walsh cup.

They were representing Kilkennys senior team and not as the U21 team.

Maybe so but it’s all a fudge really isnt it.

Totally agree. Would imagine that most of the bigger counties ignore / bypass this rule by using the development tag!! Again, it just goes to show the power that the county managers have where they get the ok from county boards to totally disregard Croke Park instructions.


Looks like this could be some game.