Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017

Ye fancy a win?

When’s fixtures set?

Wednesday/Thursday after Galway game I believe.


Yes fancy a win.we should have a very good team this year.

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As should we. Based on a current look it’s about 10/12 senior panellists with possibly 4/5 starting vs Galway which may impact. Should be a great game so. Is it Parnell or kk?

should be plenty of senior experience int he u21s this year - but that’s not necessarily an advantage when the match is 3 days after the senior match.

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likeky to lose on both fronts. Pity take away the senior game and I’d fancy is despite Kilkenny being minor all Ireland’ champions for this age bracket

Have we lost many from last year?

This is a very important game for us now. On paper we have our best team in a long time. Any injury worries? After what happened kk last year you would imagine they will be better prepared.

According to Eddie Brennan the Kk camp is flyin.

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Could be well worth backing us on Wed. No odds out as of yet but imagine we would be bigger than 3s

Is he in charge ?

Dalo suggested as much in his article in the examiner.

Be nice to win then so .

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Yes he is even after what happened last year.

We won’t be. We are in the top 3/4 betting wise to win the all ireland at u21.

It’s a potential all Ireland decider . Kilkenny were the minor all Ireland champs . It’s a monster game for us .


Pardon my ignorance. I see we are 15/8 to win Leinster so I’m a bit off. Effectively getting 15/8 on us to beat KK as nobody outside of Wexford are near that level. How many seniors would KK have?

Not sure on seniors for kk but it was stated last week we have 18/20 on senior training panel