Dublin U21 Hurling Championships 2019

21 hurling starts 26th oct. 21 fball starts 2nd nov. Open Draw to be made sept 24th. Gradings were sent out today to the clubs. I don’t have a copy of them.

Surely one should be moved to the A from the B champ to even things up. Would of thought Whitehall and Plunketts would of been quite strong, a lot involved on senior A teams.

Would make most sense but last few years so many withdrawals/walk overs it hard to know what going on at this age group

Any word on draws; thanks.

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The draw is tonight

Anyone have the draws? Or have they been sent out yet

@Southdublin here ya go. Where do you see winners

A Championship

B Championship

C Championship

Any dates?

BSJ gone up to A? Na Fianna in C Championship has the makings of a disaster if they walk all over the rest of the pack.

Its their B team

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Surely theres more than 8 teams that should be in “a” champ. Maybe not. Although with all the talk about it a 10 team champ in senior, looking at the clubs that appear to hold their own in senior…

Chraobh having a team in the C group is odd. I’d be fairly sure their u16 and u17 would probably win the C at least

Agreed. A few sides have racked up a heap of b titles at this stage between minor and u21. There is a team in b who we’re in semis of minor A champ a few years ago who would certainly go well in the A. They also hammered everyone in the u21 b two years ago if I remember rightly. Not the only ones who have taken the easy option though. Craobh should be in the b also.

The u21s unfortunately is a farce. Also and this obviously depends on dates, but couldn’t see any team that still has adult teams in action giving a damn about the competition. So on the face of it certain teams may look strong for a grade but in reality they probably won’t have senior players who are still in the business end of championships I’m sure.

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All hurling champs will be finished. But there will be a clash with fball champs alright . First round is the 26th. Same weekend as the fball champs semis.

I know that if there are relegation matches that weekend Isles will be pulled out of the C. Starting on a bank holiday weekend might have some effect on teams too

Hardly a farce, it’s not a big deal and rightly isn’t treated as one, but it is very enjoyable for players and has played a big role in getting lads back playing football with us who had maybe fallen away.


I should have said I meant the timing of it. Agree it’s enjoyable. I played that grade when there was an u21s league. It was great for getting underage teams back together etc…

Has there been a draw made for the football one yet? Got roped in as a selector

U21s hasn’t been treated seriously by the board for a long time and it’s hard to, with the limited availability for getting games played. A number of times over the last few years a 21s game was on the same day or day before an important senior game, which robbed the 21s of their best players. Two years ago when the club you mentioned won the 21s B final, they had some tough games along the way and also lost 5 of the 6 starting forwards the following year and a few others. We then played in the A last year losing to a last min goal in the quarters, to a side missing a lot of their side for various reasons. This year with all our best players available I believe we could do well in the A, but we won’t have everyone available and it’s a competition we’re you get to play with the lads you grew up with and at least in our club, has gotten lads who had stopped playing back for the few weeks it’s on for, with some then playing adult hurling the following year. The B is never easy to win and always competitive and a good standard.
8 is the max that should be in the A. Bar BSJ, the other 7 have been in the A the last number of years and all beaten each other at some point. The B championship has some very good sides in it and will be hard win by whoever wins it.

When do we suggest it should be played? Taking into account Intercounty, Sigerson, Senior Club and Minor?