Dublin U21s

See Dublin beat Galway in final at the weekend. Was it always a blitz format or is that only a recent thing?

First year it’s been a blitz .

Football or camogie?

Football, but not taken that seriously by many. Teams were dropping out even on the day.

This is the 4th yr there’s been a 21 competition, only ever 5/6 teams enter it, turned into a 1 day blitz this year, can see it being scrapped soon tbh

I said before on the old thread that there is no need for an U-21 grade in ladies football. It was introduced a few years ago in what can only be viewed as an attempt to ape the grade in men’s football, but in reality is not needed. A player going from minor to senior inter county men’s football is a rarity, in women’s football it is much more common, if not the norm, in all counties, not just Dublin.
Unfortunately creating the grade meant that the Senior B/ Junior All Ireland (depending on your viewpoint) was scrapped and it was a much more competitive competition over the years.