Dublin Under 16s

Beaten by cavan yesterday in the gerry reilly final.this group will take part in the new under 17 tournament next year instead of minor.has anyone views on this squad.?

Wouldn’t know anything about them.

Mind you I’ve plenty of views on moving minor to U17. A complete disaster for the club player.

How will new competition effect club minor grade next year.believe it’s meant to be run off between July to August .terrible show by minors this year so interesting to see how this bunch of 17s do.know casleknock have 4 boys in the panel of 40 yet are 2nd bottom of div2.very. very strange.

The change in the inter-county minor from U18 to U17 doesn’t come into effect until 2018.

Club minor stays at U18.

Correct. The “new” minor begins in 2018 but there is a competition for U17s next year as they will not have a shot at minor in 2018.

The GAA has basically invented an age group that doesn’t exist except at county level. It will now have a huge effect not just on minor club competitions but also on U16 competitions, which I find extremely irritating. On the basis of what I have seen from some in the past I am not in favour of letting inter county managers get their hands on what are fifteen year olds at the end of the day.

But ultimately taking players away from their clubs at a younger age is not a good idea. Like minor now U/16 championships will have to wait and everything will be crammed in at the end of the year. Minor has already sometimes caused issues for schools at U/18 level and will now affect U/16 (really U16 and a half) schools competitions as well.

The issue with burn out or whatever the reason for this change was is a nonsense. Burn out is an issue at college and U21 level, not minor.

I’m glad I’m not on CCC2 anymore. Trying to create a club calendar which catered for all competing interests was bad enough. Going to be nigh on impossible now.

Totally agree.presnt 16s have 3 games now in August and no games from middle of October until March. 3 games during the holidays and no games when their at school.impossible to keep teams together and motivated. Soccer in the DDSL has gone March to August. Gaa in dublin should play gaa football from September to March now and hurling March to August. No 2 week gap between games.

Don’t agree with split seasons. Didn’t work in the past. Football deserves its share of good weather too. Most are dual players so no need for split seasons.

Don’t agree.alot if clubs don’t have dual players.sone clubs at different ages only play one code.so 2 week gap between games is hard to keep players interested. Faughs only hurl while ballymun only play football .leagues been decided with 3 games in August (crazy stuff)

Plenty of Faughs lads play football with various clubs. Same with Ballymun.

Are there no semis and finals this year? We ran football cups on hurling weekends for football only players/clubs a few years but some clubs did not take them seriously even after entering despite the fact that there were semis, finals and medals for them.

The leagues are only half over. Seven games gone, seven to play. How can you say they’ll be decided in August? Proper time to be playing anyway.

Separate seasons was a disaster. Most of the football season played in muck and shite. No way would I go back to that.

I don’t agree with that at all.

If it wasn’t for underage development squads lads from small clubs would never be picked at county level. They get better training , play with higher quality players and can really improve more then players who are at top clubs with big budgets like some of the big clubs in Dublin have at underage. They get a window within development squads to showcase their ability - outside that the county jersey would become the preserve of the big clubs

There are minors currently playing minor, u21 and adult football and trying to mix in the LC on top of that. It’ not feasible. I don’t see a perfect solution to this. I think the underage development squads are a bigger problem for the big clubs- but for the smaller clubs they are only access those players have to potentially representing their county

Alan ochard 7 league games have been played in 6 months.yet 3 are going to be played in 1 month a holiday month.crazy situation. Know of a team in dive down 8 players for next Saturday and they are currently in the top 2 spots.first and second play off at end of season.7 games in 6 months and 7 in 2 and a half madness

The championship was also played during that time so all clubs have had a minimum of nine games and as many as eleven. And in four months, not six. You cannot count January or mid May to mid June.

Have clubs attempted to rearrange their games as provided for in rule in the summer? Plenty of scope to move them at this time of year. August 23rd game shouldn’t be an issue. Most schools back very soon after that date. Clubs can also use U15s.

Is July not also a holiday month? Are you really suggesting we play NO football from mid May until September?

And I note you suggest that August is a holiday month but at the same time you have no issue suggesting that hurling be played during the month, which might well suggest where you are really coming from.

This is an argument from fifteen years ago and one which was roundly rejected by the vast majority of people involved in juvenile games. It is utterly ludicrous to suggest that we leave fellas without games during the best months of the year. Clubs with a notion of winning a league should be able to get on with it. The idea that we wait until everyone has every player they want before they play a game has been long since, and quite rightly, confined to the past.

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I just saw that the Dublin U17 footballers won the Matty Forde tournament. Scored a lot of goals too in this competition. COYBIB

Clubs with 2 teams and a div 1 under 15 team have no problem. But what about the small clubs with just 1 team and maybe no 15s.kids played there last game on the 28th June. 16th of August fixs .can’t be Re arranged.agree Re 23 August. My point is to play when their in school no issue then.some did junior cert which meant they were here until end of June. So they then went on holiday either July or August (yet 3 games in August )doesnt seem right to me.

U16s lost by a pt to cork in a blitz with meath carliw cork and laois.on a point I raised earlier about playing in august(17 walk overs between the 4-6 of august at u15-16 level.when a club like bally boden concede in a div 1 game you know something is wrong.3 games in august yet only 1 in october and november.boys will train for a month for 1 game and then wait 4 months until minor .how are clubs going to keep the interest with the competition from other sports.

Any chance of a paragraph or two thrown into your posts and a capital letter here and there as it’s very hard to read your posts.


Will do

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Still doesn’t take away from a valid point.

Never said it did :wink:

Playing in the muck and dirt of November and December to decide leagues is not something I think we’ll be returning to.

40 of 56 teams played their game last week. And if Ballyboden didn’t field the problem is theirs, not the county board’s. The calendar is issued in January. There’s no excuse for a club the size of Ballyboden not to field.nand there’s no reason to leave forty teams who can field idle in the good (occasionally) weather.