Dublin v Antrim - Leinster GAA Hurling Senior Championship Sat, Apr 22, 2023 Corrigan Park at 2 PM

This is approaching fast enough, good few weeks for the underage hurlers.

Antrim tricky above, take nothing for granted.

Hopefully everyone over their various knocks and we have a full panel to pick from.

Pain in the ring this is on Saturday at 2pm, with full set of Club fixtures on.

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Where should I park folks? First time in Corrigan

Nerves setting in now, tricky task ahead.

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I dont think you need to get that worried about about parking :wink:


Maybe his missus is doing the parking.


Hardly any games this weekend in but there must be about 16 championship games next week across both codes . This one won’t get much coverage.

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Hopefully we’re mostly over the injury issues from the winter/early spring. We’ve barely seen hayes or grogan after their injuries?

While I wouldn’t take it for granted, especially above, it’s a good game to start with and to hopefully get up and running.

With a fit considine & cos we’ll hopefully have a goal threat and the ability to put this away if the chance arises.

If we’re flat or off colour at all we will be in a battle.

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Cork got a tough game up there last year . Antrim were winning at half time

They cant be taken for granted at home.

I don’t think there is any chance of this. Dublin hurlers have always provided us with rollercoaster displays.


Low key build up again, is it the new season structure or what’s effecting the buildup to these games? Fact it’s not on tv doesn’t help i guess. Mind you the football thread is not exactly electric either.

Hurlers need a bit more faith at the moment unfortunately

Kilkenny defeat last year was very disheartening

The u20 thread has far more life

This game at the weekend is no foregone conclusion . Cork got a rough time of it up there last year for 50 minutes .

Antrim be wired for this one . Has ambush written all over it .


I’d take a win & no injuries please


A goal or two would be nice, the 15 will be a mystery as there’s not been a dicky bird since the league finished up weeks ago. Hayes must be back from the hamstring injury, he’ll add depth to the bench of nothing else.

The underage has filled the silly gap in the senior season very well, good team there could see a few of those guys playing senior if they stick at it, in fact, I see competition for places heating up over the next few years assuming we can start to bed in the 2020 u20 Leinster winning team first, only Dunphy is a regular so far. Purcell will hopefully be playing over the summer. Thought one or two more of them might make the grade and could still yet.

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These games are kept a secret. The marketing is atrocious and no wonder the attendance will be low. The last time hurling was advertised well was when the GAA was linked with Guinness. Sad but true.

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And that was all down to Guinness.

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Teams don’t help themselves though

No talking to the media
Same banal one liners from all counties
No team speculation
No team lists
■■■■ all press briefings
Training behind closed doors

GAA don’t help itself

Without Mayo for Sam … what media coverage would their be … god help the coverage when they win one


yeah, the old bunker mentality works again us alright