Dublin v Cork 1/4 Final, Saturday 25th June 2022, 6pm

Thought i’d start a thread since all that’s discussed on paths of the dead is mayo this and mayo that. ffs it’s like willies blog around here.

So the langers… what does @rebelsforliam think?

not the draw I wanted. though avoiding Armagh possibly a blessing me thinks.


Training matches until a semi with Kerry. Not great prep!

Well… we have the potential to run riot alright…

Id expect resistance for 50 mins then Dublin to run out handy enough.

Dublin by 8 or 9 after taking their foot off the gas. There is scope for goals in this game and i expect there to be a few. Question is will cork get a couple of their own.

Im not convinced Cork have the pace, athleticism, scorwing forwards, defence, intinsity or managerial guile to pull off an upset.

Cork football has been on a very low ebb the past 7 or 8 years. Getting by Louth and Limerick in the fashion they did would not inspire confidence tat they will mount a serious challenge.

50 mins been generous I think. We get an early run on them could be lights out at 30 mins. I don’t want that scenario. Id like a wee bit of a war to sharpen the senses.

This years run was great while it lasted in fairness lads.

But it’ll be tough for Leinster football to see ye lads dumped out in the quarters.


That’s the spirit!

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A hammering incoming, Cork were quite defensive against Limerick for the first 20 minutes, I’d say they’ll be looking at damage limitation

Cork will sit back and be happy enough to keep it to 12-15 points

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On one hand they nearly had Kerry on the ropes after 55 minutes. On the other, they made a meal of Limerick in a junior B quality game.

Maybe the Sight of the Sky blue and Navy will inspire a bit of Rebel-rousing.

I’d say spirits were involved in that assessment alright. Dry Gin, most likely.

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I am still more worried about where we are than Cork or anyone else,.
Beating, Wexford, Meath and Kildare in the fashion we did was encouraging, but looking at how Kildare and Meath have performed since makes you wonder how much we really have improved, we can only beat what is in front of us, but let’s be honest what was in front of us was extremely poor. Given the long break, I think Cork is a good draw, Mayo or Armagh after two decent games could have caught us cold

Well Dublin should continue to build on whatever momentum they’ve got from the handy wins over Wexford, Meath, Kildare and cruise into the semi-final…problem is either Kerry/Mayo should come into that semi-final more battle-hardened.

All depends on which Mayo turns up, if they turn over Kerry, they’ll be well up for another crack at the Dubs, on the other hand if Kerry beat them handy, they’ll be no better off than us going into the semi-final.

All “ifs, buts and maybes”, one thing for sure though the Dubs are in a much better position now than it looked back in Feb/Mar or this time last year.


But we’ve always had that run in to a quarter. Granted last few years the super 8s meant you could lose the first day and still get through but this is knockout.

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I think Armagh or Derry could take us regardless of whether we are tested but considering Ulster is competitive its probably more likely in a quarter final. Although saying that Ulster wouldn’t necessarily prepare a team for a Dublin side at the races with a point to prove. Ill grant anyone the fact Kildare were poor, but Dublin were superb nonetheless.

Honestly I think it won’t be far off the 19 game.

I expect ourselves to show well enough for 40 or so minutes and the challenge to eventually peter out.

Can see Cork having a go, they have nothing to lose. If we bate them by double figures, sure isn’t that what was expected, if they get a win then their bravery will be applauded.
Still fancy we will take them and it will be double figures.

Would be great to have yourselves down to the Pairc.

Phenomenal facility and surface these days. Parking not great but be great to have a big football game there.


Wouldnt be many fit to drive after a trip down😁

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