Dublin v Cork 1/4 Final, Saturday 25th June 2022, 6pm

O Se said that Clifford was ok. He’d be well enough informed with his contacts in Dublin.

He’s also well informed in yerra!

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i heard o se say that but dessie said he’s not gonna name the team till the game is over


gone to the hurlers.


Funnily enough, Farrell has already had to submit his 26 players to Croke Park and the program has already been printed out. If there was a injury, you’ll know very soon. I remember the first 26 on both sides got leaked a couple of days before Dublin Kerry AI replay

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i heard horan was givin out about submittin the 26 and I’d agree with him on that sure what if 3 or 4 players got injured the day or 2 before the game

How many times has it happened in the history of the game that 3 or 4 players all got injured on the Friday or Saturday before a game, having been fit on the Thursday??

And you’d still have 22/23 for Sunday. Plenty!

There is an exception that if a keeper gets injured, a replacement can be brought in.

It’s a no brainer that the named 26 should be released publicly on a Thursday. It would help so much in making previews more relevant and help the build up. For example, knowing whether Clifford, Con, O’Donoghue are in their respective 26s would all be taking points.
And managers could still arse about with the starting 15 if they want.

If you follow what Darragh has said about the Dubs over the last few years, he is usually right. He is one of the more astute no yerra here.

Unless he’s driving

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ose brothers play spin the bottle before they publish each of their articles to see who can be the most yerra

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all managers play the game with the team announcements

Don’t agree on the no brainer at all, if was a no brainer why do they not do it in the premiership, champions league etc, if it is about the debate etc, you could also argue that not naming 26 leaves room for debate as to who will be in the 26. We don’t need to know the team or panel.

Did he appeal that last driving ban?

Agree on Cleary. We won’t get an easy game with him in charge. Appointment made 10 years too late. He probably wouldn’t have taken only for Ricken stepping down.

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Yep .

Ricken is a good guy just I think he’s better at underage . Hope to god he recovers quickly

Cleary knows his stuff though . Need to leave him there for 5 years

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With covid maybe he has a point on that case. Mayo not naming the full 26 drives people in the county insane.

Ah here, it’s the sister we’re talking about here! No, I’ll schlep over to Cusack. I haven’t been on the Upper Deck since 1998. It’ll be an adventure.


I agree with you. That said I’ll see you at the stake as we will both be burnt as heretics I fear for holding such a view.
The allocation of squad numbers (a fixed jersey number for each player for a season) would help me on the match day as the players warm up and the ball thrown in. Especially with newer players who may not be as instantly recognizable as more established players.

Well I’ll just repeat that the fact the 26 is actually named and released for the programs on Thursday makes it an absolute no brainer, in my opinion, that the 26 should also be released publicly.

The rest of your post is utter nonsense in my opinion, but we’re all entitled to our opinion, so we’ll agree to disagree and move on as it’s been done to death.